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How to recover MP4 files from formatted usb drive
  • Author:urecovery
  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 10:09

Video, advertising, TV, movies Our life is filled with various video files, and the format of video files is also diverse. I am afraid that the most used is MP4 format. If MP4 video files are lost or MP4 formatted. How to recover? This did not put a video of the MP4 format into the usb drive a few days ago, and the result was that the entire disk was formatted by itself. Fortunately, I have learned in advance how to format video files. As long as you need to use the professional video recovery software - Bplan data recovery to get it, then what are the steps to achieve MP4 format recovery with Bplan data recovery?

Download Bplan data recovery Professional on the official website and follow the prompts to install and operate.
In the first step, the MP4 file is stored in the usb drive before, and the memory device is selected. Choose the media that is best for data loss and figure out where the missing video files existed. Do you need usb drive data recovery or hard disk data recovery?
How to recover MP4 format
In the second step, select the volume label to be scanned. The included disk can also be selected if the volume is not available.
In the third step, MP4 is formatted here to restore the formatted media. Be sure to "prescribe the right medicine". If you just delete the file recovery, then choose to restore the deleted file. Different recovery scenario software wizards will prompt accordingly.
How to restore MP4 format 2
The fourth step is to check the options. Don't ignore this step, this is a review of the previous steps. Confirm that you have clicked "Continue".
The fifth step is to scan and save the MP4 video file. In this step, there is a search bar in the upper right corner of the software wizard, which makes it easy for us to quickly find the formatted MP4 file. (Because the video file format is equivalent to clearing, the usb drive memory is restored to the beginning state, so the MP4 formatted recovery result depends on the degree of video formatting at that time