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How to recover photos after formatted usb flash drive
  • Author:urecovery
  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 10:06

In special cases, sometimes we need to format the USB flash drive so that all the photo files in the USB flash drive will be gone. But if the usb flash drive has important photo files and forget to copy, can the data be restored after the USB disk is formatted? Is there any way to recover the usb flash drive data?

Don't panic, most of the photo files on the usb flash drive can still be recovered. According to the storage principle of the mechanical storage medium, any data has a certain probability of recovery success. Formatting this operation does not change the data itself, so there is May recover!

Before performing usb flash drive formatted data recovery, we need to understand two necessary prerequisites to protect the lost data.

One: The photo files system is not changed when formatting, such as changing NTFS to FAT32, or converting between other formats;

Second: After formatting, there is no operation such as rewriting photo files, that is, no data files are stored in the usb flash drive.

Now, we are starting to use the data recovery software to start usb flash drive data recovery.

1. Connect the USB flash drive to the computer, start Bplan data recovery, and the activation page appears. If you have purchased the Bplan data recovery registration code, activate the software. If there is no registration code, click “Run as a Demo” to restore the usb flash drive format for free. After the data, just can't save the data. At this point, we can see the interface of the software, click "Continue" to start recovery.
Activation page
Figure 1: Activation page

2. According to the recovery steps, select the operation, data recovery after usb flash drive formatting, select the storage device in the media type; select the volume label to be scanned, such as G disk; restore the scene to restore the formatted media; confirm the option, click "Continue" to start scanning; after the scan is finished, all found photo files are displayed in the software.
media type
Figure 1: Media type selection storage device

3. Finally, finding a data save is a very important step. Use the search function to find the data you need to recover and save it to another path.

Can the data be restored after the usb flash drive is formatted? Of course, if you do not have any read and write operations on the disk after the accidental operation, you can basically recover the data 100%.