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How to recover word document from formatted usb flash drive
  • Author:urecovery
  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 09:57

I believe that many users have prompted the formatting word document files in the usb flash drive, and the experience of the file slag in the usb flash drive is not left. In the event of this tragedy, a small number of users do not understand the data recovery, the file can only bear the pain and tears after the loss of the file, while the other part of the user, they have a special understanding of the skills in data storage, so in U The first time after the disk formatted data is lost, you will want to perform word document data recovery.

Xiao Bian believes that when the usb flash drive is formatted, timely data recovery is a very wise choice. At this time, as long as there is no other data operation on the USB flash drive, it is very easy to recover the data. Of course, the prerequisite for recovery is to use a magical data recovery software - easy recovery.

I believe many people will ask, why do you choose Bplan data recovery in so many data recovery software on the market? Here, Xiaobian can tell you very responsibly that Bplan data recovery has a strong advantage over other data recovery software. It has complete recovery functions, various recovery word document files, and can easily recover from data loss caused by physical damage. .

So, how does Bplan data recovery recover lost word document after formatting usb flash drive? Here are the specific recovery steps:

Step 1. Select the media type: The usb flash drive belongs to the external storage type, so here we select the memory device.
Select media type
Figure 1: Selecting the media type

Step 2: Select the volume label to be scanned: generally select the volume label that the file is missing. If the volume label is not found, select the disk with the missing file.

Step 3. Select the recovery scenario: The usb flash drive formatted data loss belongs to restoring the formatted media.
Select recovery scene
Figure 2: Selecting a recovery scenario

Step 4. Check your options: check if your options are correct and confirm that they are correct.

Step 5. Save the word document file: After the file is scanned, select the word document file you want to save and right-click Save as.