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What should I do if I open the USB flash drive and the follo
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 09:55

What should I do if I open the USB flash drive and the following prompt appears?
Disk not formatted
Figure 1: usb drive formatting tips

A few days ago, many small partners reflected that when they inserted the USB flash drive into the computer, there was a prompt that the disk was not formatted "The disk in drive H was not formatted. Would you like to format it now?" The disk has been damaged or internal error. In the case that there is still important data not backed up, it is generally recommended that you follow the method below.

First, use Bplan data recovery data recovery software

1. When the prompt appears above, you can choose No. Next  search Bplan data recovery, download Bplan data recovery software, look for the link below, other search results are mostly pirated software.
Bplan data recovery download
Figure 2:  search Bplan data recovery

2. After the software installation is complete, follow the steps of selecting the media type, selecting the volume label to be scanned, selecting the recovery scenario, checking your options, and saving the file. After the scan is successful, you can save the file by right-clicking on the file you want to restore. Specific view: usb drive formatted data recovery
Select the files you want to scan
Figure 3: Bplan data recovery software

Note: The download software is a trial version software, which can only be used as a demo. After the file is scanned, the user can go to the official website to purchase the Bplan data recovery registration code.

Second, usb drive automatic repair and scanning

1. On the problematic USB flash drive, right click on Properties → Tools → Start Check → Automatically Repair File System Errors,
Removable disk properties
Figure 4: Removable Disk Properties

2. View the scan results. If the file is scanned, the user can save it to the computer. If the method is invalid, you can try the first method. Because the second success rate is extremely low, it is not recommended for everyone to use.

In addition, everyone must pay attention to the following three points when data recovery:

1. When the usb drive prompts formatting, be sure to select No, so the success rate of data recovery is high. If you click Yes, the integrity of the recovered file will be affected.

2. Do not mass-produce the usb drive, this will completely clear the data.

You can't open the usb drive yourself, it will cause the usb drive to be damaged, and the data will be difficult to recover. After the data recovery is successful, remember to save the file to the computer.