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How to recover files usb drive unformatted
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 09:46

Nowadays, the usb disk is almost a must-have for everyone. It is cheap and easy to carry, which brings great convenience to life and work, but it also faces various problems, such as usb disk format. After the important data is lost, how can the usb disk be formatted to unformat the data?

Under normal circumstances, if you want to restore the data after formatting the usb disk without using the usb disk data unformaty software is difficult to achieve, here will use Bplan data unformaty easy unformaty to achieve usb disk data unformaty.

First connect the USB flash drive to the computer, then download the free version of the data unformaty software. When using Bplan data unformaty for the first time, try using the free version for usb disk data unformaty.

Open Bplan data unformaty, enter the unformaty operation process, from selecting the media type to saving the file, the usb disk data unformaty can be realized in five steps.

In the selection of the media type in step 1, different selections are made according to different storage media. Bplan data unformaty divides media types into five categories: hard drives, storage devices, optical media, multimedia/mobile devices, and RAID systems. Here, since the storage medium is a USB flash drive, the option of the storage device can be selected. When the storage device is selected, the software will explain this option below, unformat data from the flash disk or other mobile flash media, so that users can make the right choice for different options, and the software will intelligently optimize the unformaty process.
usb disk is formatted how to unformat

The next step, Bplan data unformaty will also have a similar explanation, so the whole operation is very simple, you don't need to know anything, you can quickly complete the usb disk data unformaty.

See here, I believe that the usb disk is formatted how to restore this problem should not be overwhelmed you!