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How to recover usb files without formatting
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Many times when the U disk is data transmission, suddenly unplugged, active power off, or crash, will cause u disk error, can not open the error, prompt disk X: not formatted, if you also have such a request Don't be too anxious, because the problem is solved.

 Many times when the data is transferred to the U disk, suddenly unplugged, active power off, or crash, will cause u disk error, can not open the error, prompt "Disk X: not formatted", if everyone also appears The request, do not be too anxious, because in fact the problem is not difficult to solve, analysis, it is often the boot sector damage caused by the error, DBR damage! The following is to restore internal data for sector damage, but also the entire U Disk recovery. raw data recovery

Look at the picture:

The first method: data recovery through various data recovery software. This is the most basic data rescue method. No matter whether the hard disk or the u disk is faulty or cannot be deleted, the software can be restored. . Because the u disk is only destroyed by the sector, the data inside is intact, so it can be detected by the software and then extracted and ok.


In this recommended everyone use raw data recovery, because it is free, but also supports the raw format (after the error, we look at the u disk properties, will display the raw format), and the function is still relatively powerful, more easy to use, U disk home


The following figure is the interface opened with raw data recovery: select the third item, select the u disk, and confirm. Raw data recovery

After the scan is finished, the data basically comes out. Everyone chooses their own important information. The registered version of the selected file, right-click to select the extracted file. As shown. USB flash drive

USB flash drive

If you use raw data recovery, the operation is as follows: click data recovery, click on the advanced data, select your u disk, and then select "file system type" in the advanced version has fat32 fat16 ntfs. Think about what the original is to format the hard disk Or u disk, not try one or two times, u disk generally fat32 more ~ ​​~ then click next, after scanning will display the content inside, because the data is in it, not destroyed, all directly extracted Generally can be opened, no problem, the files that have been deleted may be opened after the error is opened ~ USB flash drive home

After this operation, the basic data needs to be saved. You can format the u disk and then copy the extracted data back to the u disk.