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e USB flash drive plays a big role in data storage. Once the USB flash drive is formatted, the saved file will be gone. This section learns how to restore the USB flash drive data by Bplan data recovery.

The information age is pursuing big data, and the USB flash drive plays a big role in data storage, but once the USB flash drive is poisoned or the data is damaged, the USB flash drive will be formatted, and the files inside will disappear. If a very important file is included in the lost data, then the data recovery after the USB flash drive is formatted is very important. So, how to restore data after USB flash drive formatting? Let's share the method of restoring USB flash drive data using Bplan data recovery.

Bplan data recovery is a powerful data recovery software that supports recovery of different storage media data: hard disk, CD, USB flash drive / mobile hard disk, digital camera, mobile phone, Raid file recovery, etc., can recover including documents, forms, pictures, audio and video And other documents.
The specific steps to restore the USB flash drive data are as follows:

Step 1 After downloading and installing the Bplan data recovery software, double-click the desktop shortcut icon to run the software. You can see that there are multiple media types on the interface. Users can select the “storage device” mode according to the reasons for their own file loss.
media type
Figure 1: Selecting the media type

Step 2 Click and continue with the mouse. According to the format jumped out on the software, insert the USB flash drive into the computer and identify it before selecting the data recovery. Select the G drive displayed on the USB flash drive. If no similar disk appears, select the volume containing the volume. Disk.
Select disk
Figure 2: Selecting the disk to scan

Step 3 Click and continue, select “Restore formatted media” in the selection scheme that appears, and select to restore the deleted files.
Recovery scene
Figure 3: Selecting a recovery scenario

Step 4 Click Continue to check your options. If there are no problems, click Continue to start scanning the USB flash drive file. If there are more files missing in the USB disk, the scanning time is longer and you need to wait patiently.
Check option
Figure 4: Check your options

Step 5 After the scan is complete, in the list of deleted files that appear, select the file you want to restore and right-click Save as.
save document
Figure 5: Save the recovered file

The above is the USB flash drive file recovery process introduced to everyone, but there are also many main places that need to be mentioned. For details, please refer to the following points in the USB flash drive file recovery process.

When you accidentally format the USB flash drive, you should immediately stop the operation of the USB flash drive to prevent data loss and recovery. More data and file recovery tips can be found on the Bplan data recovery website