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How to recover deleted files from usb drive
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 10:25

Put some common files on the desktop, easy to open and easy to use, saving owner time. In this way, he will also come with some inexplicable problems, such as when we clean the desktop, we will accidentally delete some important files. This can lead to a big crisis.

When the desktop file is deleted, first look at the files in the recycle bin that have been deleted by mistake. If the recycle bin is also emptied, it is imperative to ensure the integrity of the deleted files and not to write data. Then install Bplan data recovery this professional file recovery software, here the main, the general software installation is in the default C drive, if the deleted file is a desktop file, please download the downloaded software custom storage on other disk partitions, Avoid data coverage.

We all know that good things should be treasured, but I have deleted all the photos of my boyfriend with impulsive impulses, and then calm down to find my stupidity.

"You never think about the feelings of others, you are always right, why are you so selfish and self?" Boyfriend threw this sentence to me standing in the cold wind. It turned out that I was such an image in his mind, I must break up with him! I rushed back home and turned on the computer to delete all the photos of me and him, and then wept into the sofa and cried. I didn't expect to delete the photo. I was even more sad and regretted, because I didn't know the Bplan data recovery software at that time.

 The phone rang, it was called by her boyfriend. "What are you doing? I want to break up with you!" I picked up the phone and rushed to my boyfriend. My boyfriend seems to have guessed this situation, and said with distress, "I know that you are angry, and every time you get angry, I am so scared, understand me, okay? Forgive me, okay?" I cried this time. More powerful, crying and saying, "But I have deleted all of our memories... oh..." The boyfriend broke into laughter. "Don't worry, I recently heard about a file deletion recovery software, hard disk data recovery. The function, you can get the deleted files back, let's get the memories together, ok?"

Bplan data recovery file recovery software scanning technology professional, first-class recovery effect, providing a reliable guarantee for user data recovery. Let's let Xiaobian introduce it to everyone; how to recover accidentally delete desktop files?

1) Play Bplan data recovery file recovery software, select the corresponding media type, click "hard disk drive" here.

Select media type
Figure 1: Selecting the media type

2) Then select the disk partition where you want to restore the file. For the desktop file, select the C drive.

Select the label you want to scan
Figure 2: Selecting the label to be scanned

3) Click “Continue” to select the recovered deleted files in the recovery scene.

4) Check your options: This step is mainly used to check for missing vacancies, see if there is a problem with the previous selection, and click Continue after the check.

Check your options
Figure 3: Check your options

5) Through the software scan, the files in the specified disk partition will all be displayed in the software interface. After scanning the created directory, check the files that need to be restored. Here we will find that there are many files scanned, this is to ensure that the data can be recovered 100%. Use the file search function to find the files that need to be restored. Users can enter "file name/file suffix". Once you have found the file, right click on Save to restore the data.

After the above steps, the file recovery software will complete the recovery of the deleted files. As long as you use Bplan data recovery to recover the files after the files are lost and the files are overwritten, you can 100% help you find the deleted files.