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How to recover deleted word documents from usb
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 10:56

I believe that many people, like Xiao Chen, have encountered accidental deletion of word documents. Here, Xiao Bian reminds everyone that when the word document is deleted by mistake, as long as the method is correct, the deleted file can be retrieved. So, can the Word document be deleted and restored? How does Bplan data recovery retrieve deleted files? (Recommended reading: Will you do word document recovery?)
At this point, thank the teacher for giving me a lot of support and encouragement in my study and life! ”
Near graduation, Xiao Chen took the graduation thesis home. After the thesis, Xiao Chen put the document on the desktop and planned to copy it to the USB flash drive at night. But who knows, he left the living room and chatted with the mother. For a little while, when the files came back on the desktop, the slags deleted by the family's little nephews were left. In a hurry, Xiao Chen quickly opened the recycle bin, and the recycle bin was empty. Even the word cache file was found. Not the trace of the paper. Looking at the innocent expression of Xiaozizi, Xiao Chen is not playing, neither is it.

The programmer's brother who heard the news expertly reviewed Xiao Chen's computer and gave a conclusion: using the file recovery software, the graduation thesis can be retrieved. This result gave a reassurance to Xiao Chen, who was in a hurry. Subsequently, my brother bought the Bplan data recovery registration code, and after five minutes, the registration code was received in the mailbox. After installing Bplan data recovery, I found the paper of Xiao Chen in a few simple steps.

How to recover deleted word documents from usb/hard drive

Step one, select the media type: hard drive
Select media type
Picture 1: Select media type

Step 2: Select the volume label to be scanned: C drive

Step 3. Select the recovery scenario: restore the deleted file.
Select recovery scene
Picture 2: Selecting a recovery scene

Step four, check the options

Step 5: Save the file: Select the file to be saved to save.
save document
Picture 3: Save the file

Tips: Can the Word document be deleted and restored? Introduced here, when the file is lost due to accidental deletion or misformatting, the relevant operations need to be suspended to avoid continuous erasure and entry, resulting in the file being overwritten. In addition, when you download the Bplan data recovery personal version, you must go to the official website to download, avoid downloading any Trojan software and cause the computer to completely strike.