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How to recover deleted folder from usb drive
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 11:25

In order to organize all the data in a structured manner, a folder with a corresponding name is usually created in the hard disk of the computer, and then the documents, photos and forms are saved therein. The folder is used to sort the data. If you accidentally delete the folder, the data inside will be lost, so can you recover?

The file in the D-disc folder is lost during the move. It may be caused by accidentally deleting data or formatting during the movement of the folder in the D drive.

When the folder is deleted, don't panic. In fact, there are ways to recover it. You can use the powerful data recovery software Bplan data recovery. Let's take a look at the specific recovery techniques.

The lostfile folder is a folder for placing previously deleted files and can be deleted without affecting the recovered files.
Step 1: Select the recovery content. Open the already installed data recovery software Bplan data recovery, enter the first operation interface, we can see here to select the recovery content, here we choose to restore the "folder", click "next" in the lower right corner.
Select recovery content
Figure 1: Selecting recovery content

Step 2: Select the recovery location. After selecting the recovery content, click “Next” in the lower right corner to enter the selected location. For example, select the hard disk E as shown below.
Recovery position
Figure 2: Selecting the recovery location

Step 3: Find files and folders. After confirming the recovery location, click the "Scan" button, you can start scanning the hard disk, generally do not need any operation, waiting for the end of the scan.
Scan recovery location
Figure 3: Scan recovery location

Tip: After the scan is completed, a successful completion of the scan prompt window will pop up, just click OK.

Step 4: Save the scanned folder. After the scan is finished, the folder under the scan position will be displayed. After selecting the right mouse button, select Restore, the recovery dialog box will pop up, click Browse to select the file save location, and then click to start saving, so that the folder can be restored by mistake. . In addition, you can recover accidentally deleted photos, refer to: How to recover accidentally deleted photos with Bplan data recovery.
Save document
Figure 4: Saving the document

Follow the steps above to recover the accidentally deleted folder and retrieve the missing data files. This data recovery software is very powerfu