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How to recover deleted data from usb hard drive
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 11:29

Although the usb hard drive is very easy to use, it is inevitable that various accidents will occur. The most estimated is that the usb hard drive data is lost due to various reasons. Will the usb hard drive data recovery be? How to recover the data loss of usb hard drive?

If you accidentally delete, misformat, etc., resulting in data loss, you want to restore the data in the usb hard drive is still very simple, and the possibility of recovery is also very large, using professional data recovery software bplan data Recovery is a good solution.

Note: The usb hard drive, which is physically damaged and causes data loss, cannot be recovered using bplan data recovery data recovery software.

In the event of a loss of usb hard drive data, stop using the usb hard drive immediately. After installing bplan data recovery on your computer, connect the usb hard drive to your computer and start scanning recovery using bplan data recovery.

Specific steps: Run bplan data recovery, then select the first three steps, including selecting the media type, scanning the drive letter, and restoring the scene. After each option, click “Continue” to proceed to the next step.

Then check the options, if everything is correct then click the "Continue" button to start scanning. If you need to modify the options, click the "Back" button to return to the previous interface to modify. The scan time depends on the size of the usb hard drive, so the scan time is uncertain!

During the scanning process, not only the scanned information, including the found files, folders, estimated remaining time, elapsed time, etc., but also the log information can be viewed in the scanning window to troubleshoot the scanning.

Automatic scanning
Figure 1: bplan data recovery in automatic scanning

Once the final scan results are available, you can find the files you need in all the files and save the files to another location.

save document
Figure 2: bplan data recovery save file

Usb hard drive data recovery is as simple as this. If you want to restore data from other media, bplan data recovery can also be easily done. It can recover data from storage devices such as u disk, computer hard disk, camera, mobile phone, CD, etc., and support recovery. The data types include documents, forms, pictures, audio and video and other documents. Do not believe? You can also try it.