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How to recover deleted photos from usb flash drive
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 11:33

usb drive photo recovery first step: Of course, with the world's best professional photo recovery artifact - bplan data recovery, run the software, select the media type, select "memory device" for Kingston usb drive.

Memories are a kind of beautiful things, and the form of frozen memories is either a photo or a video. With the popularity and function of mobile phones, people often take photos when they go out to eat, meet friends, and travel. Or take a beautiful view, or take a meal, or shoot everyone, but if you delete the photo by mistake, would you be very upset? It doesn't matter, let's walk into the world of photo recovery software.
However, Xiaobian recommends that you buy bplan data recovery because it is not only economical, but also reliable. The most important thing is that it is easy to use and suitable for beginners.

Closer to home, after downloading this free version of usb data recovery software on the official website, you can follow the prompts to install. Then we will start to recover.

bplan data recovery provides five steps for data recovery! In the first step of bplan data recovery software, there are five types of media types. Since we are recovering mobile photos, please select “memory device”. Then follow the prompts and click “Continue” button to jump to the first. Two steps.

Photo recovery software

Next, follow the software prompts. One thing to note is that in the fifth step, the missing files will be scanned. After the scanning is finished, we can find the file directory on the left side of the software. It is worth mentioning that the directory classification here is very Careful, the right side is the detailed details of the corresponding file, so that everyone can find the lost photos accurately and quickly. After you find the photo, be sure to remember to save it. The method is very simple, right mouse button, click Save As, and then set the save path.

Nowadays, all kinds of storage devices are very popular. Presumably, no one has ever used such things as SD cards and USB flash drives. For all kinds of photos, videos and files, we will always put them in the habit, who will let it The memory is big. However, when enjoying the convenience brought by the USB flash drive, it is impossible to avoid the risk of the photo being deleted by mistake. It is often the case that we can only annoy the phrase "repentance", in the face of the loss of photos. Really can't do anything? usb drive data recovery is impossible? Don't worry, Xiao Bian is kind, then let's share with you the solution to the photo recovery of Kingston usb drive.

Kingston usb drive photo recovery method
“Continue” → “Select the volume label to be scanned” → “Select Recovery Scheme” (bplan data recovery provides multiple recovery schemes depending on the data loss reason. Kingston usb drive photo recovery can be selected here to “delete file recovery”).
Kingston usb drive photo recovery method 2
Next "Check your options" (If you have uncertainty about the selection of the previous steps, you can return to the modification, confirm it is correct, click "Continue") → "Start Scan" → Save the photo as its other disk.

Kingston usb drive photo recovery second step (very important tip): Do not perform any operations on the usb drive (including writing data after knowing that the photo has been deleted by mistake)