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How to recover deleted excel file from usb
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 11:37

So that the Excel form is deleted by mistake on the usb drive. Recovery is easy.

The Excel spreadsheet is a spreadsheet software written and run by Microsoft for Windows operating systems. It can perform various data processing and statistical analysis, and is widely used in many fields such as management, statistics, finance, and finance. The existence of bplan data recovery greatly facilitates people's work and gradually becomes an indispensable office software for people's daily work. So what if the Excel spreadsheet is deleted by mistake? The data in the previous table can't be found. Isn't it a big loss? Don't worry that we have a good partner in the office - bplan data recovery file recovery software,

Bplan data recovery supports restoring different usb storage media data and recovering various files including documents, forms, pictures, audio and video. So how does the bplan data recovery with such a powerful function realize the accidental deletion and recovery of the Excel table? First activate the bplan data recovery in the usb drive official website, install and run, click “Continue” to start.
Excel form recovery
Figure 1: bplan data recovery main interface

Refer to the bplan data recovery tutorial "How to recover files that have been deleted by mistake". You will find that it is really easy to delete Excel spreadsheets by mistake. There is no need to worry about the whole process. bplan data recovery guides the user and prompts every step. After a few short steps, the data is restored.

I believe that through today's study, Excel is the most used form of the program in the office software. If you accidentally encounter unexpected situations such as sudden power outages, the data in the work has not been saved, so the table data can still be Will it be, can the table data be lost? Don't worry, Xiaobian tells us that we can lose the form data in such a situation!

There are a lot of data recovery software on the network, and it is in many data recovery software. We recommend users to use bplan data recovery data recovery software.

Bplan data recovery data recovery software is a very powerful and comprehensive software that supports almost all operating systems on the market today. The software not only supports the recovery of different usb drive storage media data, but also documents, forms, pictures, audio and video, and other data. The home has a certain understanding of how to use the bplan data recovery file recovery software to delete the Excel table.