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How to recover deleted video files from usb
  • Author:urecovery
  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 11:43

The steps to recover a video file from usb drive are as follows:

The USB DRIVE video file has been deleted, and it is not completely impossible to find. With the help of professional file recovery software USB data recovery, you can still find it. Let's take a look at the specific recovery method.
Video files are one of the important contents of Internet multimedia. It mainly refers to multimedia files that contain real-time audio and video information, and the multimedia information is usually derived from video input devices. The general video files are stored in a storage device such as a computer hard disk. If you accidentally delete it, can it be restored?

Recently tired, doing things is sometimes a state of mental disability. Because the school arranged a video shooting, we invited teachers and students to give us a serial performance, hoping to win the first prize in the video competition. We started preparing for shooting three months ago. That is, the day before yesterday, we finally finished the final work. Everyone is full of confidence in our work and feels that there is great hope for getting a jackpot. So we put it in the computer and waited for the day of the game.

I don't know why, when I wanted to check it again yesterday, the usb video suddenly disappeared. Everyone is very anxious, this represents our honor and disgrace, absolutely can not be lost. But how can I not find it, who deleted it or mischief? We don't know! How to recover video deletion? We are very anxious! So we went to the president of the photography community and asked him how to recover the video deletion. At that time, he said that video deletion recovery is very simple.

How to recover deleted video files? Once the DV recordings of various digital video cameras are lost, deleted, or formatted, is there a way to recover them? As a free data recovery software - USB data recovery, the recovered file quality is high, whether you are a video file, text file or audio and other formats, as long as it involves the problem of recovering deleted files, USB data recovery software It can help you get it done.

Step 1: Select the recovery content. Open the data recovery software USB data recovery 12 installed on the computer, enter the first operation interface, we can see here to select the recovery content, here we choose to restore the "video", click "next" in the lower right corner.
Select video
Figure 1: Selecting a recovery video

Step 2: Select the recovery location. After confirming that the recovered data type is audio, you can further select the recovery location. For example, select the F disk here, as shown in the following figure.
Select recovery location
Figure 2: Selecting the recovery location

Step 3: Scan the file. Then scan, do not need any operation during the scanning process, wait for the software to automatically scan, complete the dialog box that successfully completes the scan, just click OK.
scan document
Figure 3: Files in the scan position

Step 4: Save the video file. After the scan is completed, the video file under the scan position will be displayed. To restore, directly select the right mouse button and select Restore. This will pop up the recovery window and select the saved location (be careful not to save it in the original path). Saved.

After the above operation, you can successfully recover the usb disk video file that was accidentally deleted, so don't worry that the file can't be found.