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How to recover deleted audio files from usb stick
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 11:47

 Learn to use it to recover audio files from usb, hard drive.USB data recovery is a data recovery software with good reputation.

The most common audio files include music files and audio files, which are simply sound files, which are usually stored on your computer's hard drive or other usb storage device. Although the hard disk brings convenience to people to save data, it also brings troubles at the same time. Once a hard disk is formatted, the audio files inside are lost.

The audio file inside the hard disk is really not found back? In fact, by using professional data recovery software, you can still find a way back. USB data recovery is a data recovery software with good reputation. Learn to use it to recover audio files.

First of all, you need to install the software on your computer. USB data recovery 12 is the latest version. It has greatly improved the recovery speed. The specific recovery steps are as follows:

Choose to restore content. Open the already installed data recovery software and enter the first operation interface. We can see that you want to select the recovery content here. Here we choose to restore the “audio” and click “Next” in the lower right corner.

In life, in addition to the use of mobile phones to take pictures, it is also an indispensable preference to use mobile phones for recording. The content of the recordings is varied, which is undoubtedly a more vivid record of the scene at the time. It can be like the accidental deletion and recovery of mobile phone photos. When using the mobile phone, it is easy to accidentally delete the audio file. At this time, we need to recover the accidentally deleted audio file. Then, is there a difference between the accidental deletion of mobile audio files and the general data recovery method? Let's move on:

Want to quickly and perfectly realize the accidental deletion of mobile audio files. We can use USB data recovery to solve the problem. USB data recovery is the top data recovery software that supports computer, hard disk, USB flash drive, mobile hard disk, SD card, memory card, camera card and many other storage devices and multiple file formats. After the recovery is complete, you can also quickly find the file by searching for the file name or file extension. At the same time, the software has very strong system compatibility and is fully compatible with windows systems.