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How to recover deleted ms powerpoint from usb
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 12:00

PPT is a very useful presentation document that can show users what they need to display, especially for school teachers. Using PPT for teaching can not only show more knowledge, but also more vivid and Interesting. However, when the PPT that was finally completed is deleted by mistake, what should the user do?

How to recover deleted PPT documents from usb drive? After the PPT is deleted, if it is re-created, it will definitely waste a lot of time, delay other working hours, and work efficiency will be affected, especially for teachers who are eager to attend classes, it is even impossible to complete. The following small series explains the method of data recovery for everyone.

After the PPT is deleted, first check if the deleted file is in the recycle bin. If it is, click Restore. If the file is deleted by the shortcut key, the user can also go to the instant backup file generated by the PPT without going through the recycle bin. The specific steps are to click wps - backup and recovery (k) - backup management (k) - more backups, find PPT documents, change the file suffix name.

But what if the document is completely deleted and there are no backup files? At this time, it is recommended that you use the USB data recovery file recovery software. After you have figured out the path to save the PPT file, follow the steps of selecting the media type, selecting the volume to scan, selecting the recovery scene, checking your options, and saving the file. In addition, you need to pay attention to the software download and save. The disk needs to avoid the file lost disk. When saving the file, the file cannot be saved directly to the source disk.
Ppt recovery
Figure 1: Save the file

The process of restoring files needs to be noted that there are many limitations in data recovery. For USB data recovery, the deleted directory structure cannot be restored, so the restored file name may be different from the previous one. Then we need to change the file name.

At this point, the deleted PPT document can be successfully restored. Is it very simple? In addition, PPT document recovery and txt document documentation have data recovery for other file types.

As an office worker, I believe that the most used ones are Word, PPT, and Excel. In particular, when doing report summaries, it is inseparable from PPT. It is better to use it to display. However, in the event of a computer failure, the saved PPT document is lost. This is a tragedy. Is there a way to recover?

In fact, in such a situation, don't panic, it is right to think about countermeasures. USB data recovery is a professional data recovery software that supports a lot of file types for recovery. It can also be easily restored for PPT documents. Let's take a look at its magic.
file type
Figure 1: Supported file types

The specific recovery steps are as follows:

Step 1: Download and install the USB data recovery software. USB data recovery crack version has a big hidden danger, here to remind everyone to go to the USB data recovery Chinese official website to download the software.

Step 2: After installing the software, double-click the desktop shortcut icon to open the software. Click the Continue button in the lower right corner, and the interface shown below will pop up. Since it is necessary to restore the PPT file inside the computer, select “Disk Drive”.
Select media type
Figure 2: Select Media Type

Step 3: Select the volume from which you want to recover data. Click Continue to bring up the volume label you want to scan. Which disk is placed on the PPT document, which disk is selected.
Select the scanned label
Figure 3: Selecting the scanned volume label

Step 4: Select a recovery scenario. Choose a recovery solution that best fits your data loss problem. Please note that there are several options to choose from here. All options are listed below, and you only need to choose one of them.
Select recovery scene
Figure 4: Selecting a recovery scenario

Step 5: Check the options you have selected. If everything is correct, click the "Continue" button to start scanning. If you need to modify the options, click the "Back" button to return to the previous interface. If you are satisfied with the options you have selected, click the "Continue" button to start scanning for missing data.
Check option
Figure 5: Check Options

Step 6: Select and save the file you want to restore to another disk. You can check the quality of the recovered files by using the built-in browser or by opening the file with the application associated with the file.

After the above steps, I found that the missing PPT document was back, and the big stone in my heart fell. At the same time, USB data recovery is also a Word data recovery software.