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How to recover file from usb recycle bin
  • Author:urecovery
  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 12:03

When we use a USB flash drive, we accidentally delete the files in the usb recycle binfor one reason or another. What should we do? Now teach you a few ways to restore these mistakenly deleted files.
    Before we talk about the specific method, let's first look at how the system stores the file: when the system is storing a file, the operating system first finds enough space to hold the file in the file allocation table (FAT) that records all space usage. Then write the contents of the file to the corresponding hard disk sector and mark the space in the file allocation table that it is already occupied. When deleting a file, the system does not operate on the sector data occupied by the file, but only indicates in the file allocation table which space can be allocated to other files.

    At this time, the actual content of the deleted file still exists and can be restored. If a new file is created after deleting the file, the sector occupied by the deleted file may be used by the new file, and the data of the deleted file cannot be recovered at this time. Therefore, once the file is deleted by mistake, you should not write to the partition where the file is located. Otherwise, it may overwrite the original data, and the file cannot be recovered.
    Ok, let's talk about How to recover data from usb recycle bin
    First, the simplest is to use the automated recovery software USB data recovery
Steps to delete files by mistake:

1. Open the USB data recovery file recovery software. In the first operation interface that appears, select “Hard Disk Drive”.

Select media type
Figure 1: Selecting the media type

Second, the next step will be to select the volume label page to be scanned, and select the disk where the file is lost. If you are not sure where the file is located, you can select the system disk where the recycle bin is located.

Select the label you want to scan
Figure 2: Selecting the label to be scanned

Third, select the recovery scenario of the file, the file belongs to the accidental deletion situation, and you can choose to restore the deleted file.

Select recovery scene
Figure 3: Selecting a recovery scenario

Fourth, check the options to see if there is a problem, click Continue after no problem.

Check your options
Figure 4: Check your options

5. After waiting for the file scan to complete, right-click on the file you want to restore and save it as.

save document
Figure 5: Save the file

The above is how to retrieve the recovery method of the recycle bin by mistake. You can follow the above graphic tutorial. If there is any doubt, you can get in touch with our online customer service. More data recovery issues please check