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How to recover accidentally deleted files from usb drive
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 12:13

The cleaning of the junk files on the usb hard drive can ensure the health of the usb hard drive, and the running speed is relatively smooth, but if you accidentally delete some important files during the process of cleaning the usb hard drive, it is very bad. Heart. So many friends will ask: usb hard drive accidentally deleted files can be restored?

Generally speaking, the user wants to recover the deleted file. After the data is lost, the data in the usb hard drive must not be formatted, or the storage operation in this folder can continue. These behaviors directly threaten the security of the data and are not conducive to data recovery. Therefore, it is recommended that you must keep in mind that it is a mistake.

So how do you recover files that you accidentally deleted? It is recommended that you use professional data recovery software. This software does not require users to have any common sense of recovery, but also has a high success rate. Users only need to refer to the simple data recovery steps. Moreover, the recovered data is not garbled, the file cannot be turned on, and the user can edit and reprocess normally.
Deleted file recovery operation tutorial:

1. Select the media type: Download the USB data recovery personal or professional version on the download page of the USB data recovery official website. Follow the steps to open the software after installation. In the Select Media Type screen that appears, select the hard drive according to the properties of the usb hard drive.

Select media type
Figure 1: Selecting the media type

2. Select the volume label to be scanned: From which label the file is missing, from which label the recovery begins. If you cannot specify which volume label, you can select the disk where the volume label is located.

Select the label you want to scan
Figure 2: Selecting the label to be scanned

3. Select Recovery Scene: Select the scene where the file is lost. Delete can select to restore the deleted file.

Select recovery scene
Figure 3: Selecting a recovery scenario

4. Check your options: Check that the options are correct, click OK to confirm.

Check your options
Figure 4: Check your options

5. Save the file: After the file scan is completed, the user needs to select the restored file path, and right click on Save to restore the lost file.

save document
Figure 5: Save the file
Any accidents, there will always be various accidents in the usb hard drive operation. What should I do if I accidentally delete important files? How to recover files that have been accidentally deleted?

In general, in addition to very large files, after accidentally deleting, the files will be moved to the recycle bin, then it is very simple to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, just restore the files in the recycle bin. If the files in the recycle bin have also been cleared, then it is necessary to find an effective way to recover the files that were accidentally deleted. At this time, we can skillfully use the file recovery method and utilize the professional file recovery software USB data recovery. Carry out recovery.

Before you can do file recovery, you must understand some considerations:
After you accidentally delete the file, you should arrange the recovery process as soon as possible. You cannot continue to write the disk of the lost file carefully. If it is the recycle bin, it is the C drive. This is to prevent the newly deleted file from overwriting the previous file. .
Secondly, before the exact file recovery method, do not blindly operate the usb hard drive, and do not recover it yourself to prevent further data corruption caused by operational errors.

Recovery preparation:
Download USB data recovery, install according to the software prompts, please pay attention to the installation, do not install in the C drive, because the recycle bin is stored under the C drive, if installed to the C drive may cause the recycle bin to delete data is overwritten.

Recovery process:
Start USB data recovery, restore the deleted files according to the instructions, follow the steps to set up, first step, select the storage medium that is most suitable for data loss problem; the second step, select the volume label from which to recover data; the third step, select the most The recovery plan for the appropriate data loss problem, followed by the fourth step, check the selected options, if everything is correct, click the "Continue" button to start scanning; after the scan is completed, it is the last fifth step, save the files that need to be restored.