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How to recover shift deleted files from usb stick
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 12:16

Press shift + delete to delete the USB disk, how to recover the hard disk file

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Additional description: Press shift + delete to delete the file how to recover?
Press shift + delete to delete the file to restore data recovery according to the regular delete file recovery.
Note: The premise of restoring data is that the data is not overwritten, which means that the less the operation after the data is lost, the more likely it is to lose.
Use USB data recovery to perform shift and delete delete file recovery. First, determine the media type and volume label in the first and second steps, and then select "Restore deleted files" in the third step to confirm the option. USB data recovery is automatically performed. scanning.
Delete file recovery
After the scan is finished, if you know the file keyword or suffix name, you can search and quickly find the missing file and save it.
If the disk to be scanned is large, scanning takes a lot of time. Under the premise of knowing the file type, you can filter the file in "Options" before scanning.