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How to recover files from the virus infected USB drive
  • Author:urecovery
  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 08:59

With the rapid development of network technology and the growing number of computer viruses, we should have a lot of feelings. When we use anti-virus software to scan computers, we often find viruses. If we accidentally, we will cause losses to the computer. Users are simply too hard to defend.

In addition to the computer, any storage device may be infected by viruses. Xiaobian today uses the U disk to upload files, and finds that the files to be uploaded are lost. The antivirus software scans and finds that the data is lost due to U disk poisoning. Xiaobian’s heart suddenly panic. Looking for a lot of solutions, and finally, finally found the best solution - Bplan data recovery file recovery software.

Bplan data recovery is a professional file recovery software that supports hard disk data recovery, mobile phone data recovery, U disk data recovery, mac data recovery, etc., to make targeted solutions for users in different situations of data loss. The specific steps are as follows:

1. First install Bplan data recovery data recovery software on the computer. After running the software, select it as a demonstration run in the software selection interface.

Run as a demo
Figure 1: Running as a demo

2. Next, you will come to the first selection interface of Bplan data recovery, select the media type, select the storage device according to the type of U disk, and click the Continue button after the selection is completed.

Select media type
Figure 2: Select Media Type

3. Select the volume label to be scanned and move the disk.

4. Select recovery scenario: Restore deleted files.

5. Check your options: After confirming that the options are correct, click to go to the next step.

6, save the file: The next file will enter a long time scanning process, in this process, the user must be patient. After the scan is complete, the file will appear. At this point, click on the recovery file.

save document
Figure 3: Save the file

The above is the content that I share with you - how to recover the U disk poisoning data loss, in the future, when you encounter data loss problems, you can use Bplan data recovery file recovery software to recover the lost data, negative Data loss without taking action is impossible to retrieve lost data. More U disk data loss problems can be viewed: U disk data recovery.