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How to recover damaged usb partition
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The use of U disk has become very common, and people often use U disk to backup, carry, and transfer files. However, due to misoperation, the U disk is damaged and data is lost, which is a headache. U disk data is lost, is there a way to fix it?

In fact, in this case, everyone should not panic, just download a data recovery software. The following describes the method of data recovery using U disk.
I just saw it when I got up in the morning, saying that the memory card is damaged and needs to be formatted. How to fix the memory card? How to recover the data in the memory card?
The USB disk drive is corrupted and needs to be formatted. How can I solve it? How to recover the data in it?

1. You can reboot or reinsert the memory card.

2. If you connect to the computer and still display the data in the USB disk drive, then the USB disk drive is not damaged at all, but you can't recognize the USB disk drive. You can do the following:
(1) Unplug the USB disk drive, insert the card reader, insert the USB port of the computer, and display the removable disk (this USB disk drive) on the computer.
(2) Open the computer program "Start - Run - CMD".
(3) Run "chkdsk /f h:" in CMD (h is the drive letter of my USB disk drive, if you are f drive, write f).
(4) Press the Enter key to s29tart the repair (the process may take a few minutes).
(5) After repairing, right click USB disk drive, click “Property-Tools-Start Check”, remember to put “Automatically repair file system error” and “Scan and try to recover bad sectors”.
(6) Plug the USB disk drive back, this time the problem should be solved.

First, download Bplan data recovery and install it.

2. Open the software. In Step 1 "Select Media Type", select "Storage Device", as shown in Figure 1.
"Select media type" selection
Picture 1: "Select media type" selection

Third, next, in the selection of the volume label to be scanned, select the U disk, and then click Continue.
"Select the volume label you want to scan"
Figure 2: "Select the volume label to scan"

4. In Step 3, select Recovery Scene, click “Restore Formatted Media” and continue to click OK.
"Recover formatted media"
Figure 3: "Recovering formatted media"

5. In step 4, check your options, confirm the recovery disk and information, and click “Continue” to enter the automatic scanning process.
Confirm recovery disk and information
Figure 4: Confirm recovery disk and information

6. After waiting for the scan to finish, all the found data will be displayed as a list of files and folders, you can find the u disk data you need to recover, and then save it.
Choose to restore and save
Figure 5: Select Restore to save

Note: Recover the data in the U disk, as long as you do not perform other data storage operations after the U disk has a problem, if you want to restore, the problem should not be too big, if the original data is still after the data is lost If the disk is data-operated, it will cause the original data to be covered by the later data. It may be a bit suspense to completely recovery