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How to recover overwritten files on usb
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How does the file cover recovery? In this case, we can only try to recover, you can use the data recovery software Bplan data recovery to try, but the recovered files may also be unable to open or garbled.

Today, I saw a lot of netizens on the Internet asking how to recover the files. I think these people certainly don't know the principle and precautions of data recovery to ask such a question? Or some people may be lucky and hope someone can give an answer.

First of all, let's say that the file coverage can still be restored? After the file was deleted, we thought it was gone, but it was still on the disk. The system did not actually erase the file from the disk, but the cluster occupied by the file was marked as idle, and the file contained data. Still on disk, this is the basis for file recovery.

Once the file on the disk is overwritten, that is, the cluster it occupies has already written new data, the information in the file allocation table will be replaced by other files. In this case, you want to restore the file. It is more difficult, it can be said that it is basically impossible.

How does the file cover recovery? For this situation, we can only try to recover, you can use the data recovery software Bplan data recovery to try -> download Bplan data recovery free version.

Bplan data recovery is very well known in the file recovery world. As long as file recovery is performed, there is basically no knowledge of it. Bplan data recovery is very powerful, can recover lost data in a variety of storage media, including hard drives, optical discs, U disk / mobile hard drive, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc., and provides a variety of data recovery solutions.
File recovery process
Figure 1: Bplan data recovery file recovery process

During the file recovery process, Bplan data recovery will quickly scan according to the selected storage media and recovery scheme for rapid scanning, which has a good recovery effect for file loss caused by accidental deletion, formatting, virus damage and the like.

Try to restore the overwritten file using Bplan data recovery, as long as you have more guidance from the recovery wizard, and follow the five steps to see if you can find the overwritten file, save it after you find it. But even if you can find it, it may be a file that cannot be opened or is garbled, just because the file has been overwritten.

For the security of data, it is necessary to prevent data loss in advance. The best way is to use backup software to make backups in time, so that there will be no more files to cover how to recover such problems! See what the related article file is covered.

What if the file is overwritten? Efficient data recovery software Bplan data recovery makes it easy to complete overwrite file recovery with just five file recovery steps! Learn together!

When you use your computer or mobile phone, every time you store a file, if the new file name is the same as the previous file name, the system will prompt whether to overwrite. If you choose to overwrite, the previous file does not exist. Although the system has already suggested that we choose to cover, but in many cases, people will be mistaken because of careless reasons, causing unnecessary trouble. But it doesn't matter, today Xiaobian teaches everyone a secret to achieve the purpose of covering file recovery.

To achieve overlay file recovery, the key is to choose the right software. In other words, the cheats mentioned in Xiaobian are actually a useful data recovery software, its name is Bplan data recovery easy to recover. Let's take a look at how to achieve overlay file recovery with Bplan data recovery.

Download and activate Bplan data recovery data recovery software on the official website, run this software, and enter the key link to restore coverage data. In general, five steps are required.

The first step is to choose the media type. If you accidentally overwrite the files on your computer, then we choose "hard drive".

Overwrite file recovery 1

If the data of the USB flash drive or the data of the SD card is overwritten, then "storage device" is selected. In addition, you can also select "Optical Media", "Multimedia/Mobile Device" or "RAID System" depending on the storage medium of the file. When finished, we click the Continue button and go to the second step to select the volume label to be scanned. If you know the label of the file being overwritten is best, this can save a lot of scanning time. If you don't know it, you can choose the disk that contains the volume. Similarly, after completing, click the "Continue" button to enter the third, fourth, and fifth steps, respectively, to select the recovery scene, check your options, and scan the disk, save the file.