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How to recover raw files from usb drive
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 09:17

If the U disk contains important data files, it has not been backed up yet, but after the U disk is plugged into the computer, open the U disk to prompt formatting. What should I do now? Also, if the disk space is 0 and the file system format is RAW, what should I do? Can the data in the USB drive be restored? How to recover the u disk raw data?

First, let's take a look at the main reasons for the u disk raw:

1. Abnormally exit the u disk, directly pull out the u disk and other misoperations.

2. U disk poisoning, killing the virus is not complete or the virus will destroy the u disk system.

3. The solder joints at the U disk interface are loose with the internal circuit board of the U disk.

4. There is a problem with the system driver.

In the face of such problems, it is recommended not to format the USB flash drive, because after formatting, the new file system of the formatter will destroy the partition and eventually cause data corruption. What we have to do is to restore the U disk data with Bplan data recovery.

So how do you perform U disk raw data recovery? Open Bplan data recovery and click “Continue” to enter the data recovery operation interface.

The whole process is very simple, you can restore the data of various situations in five steps, namely: select the media type (U disk can choose storage device) - select the volume label to be scanned - select recovery scene (recover formatted The media, there are better data recovery opportunities) - check your scan volume - save the file.
u disk raw data recovery

The specific choices in one of the steps depend on different situations. You can view the detailed explanation of each option in the software. The software will perform a smart offer recovery process on the choices made so that data recovery will be more complete.
How to make u disk raw data recovery

Tips: The data is priceless. Please be cautious about the data and protect the security of the data. The best way is to use the data backup software to do the backup work.

Speak with the facts, now know how to restore the U disk raw data? Try the Bplan data recovery free version and restore the U disk raw data!