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USB partition recovery
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 09:12

The use of U disk is more and more frequent, because the use of more, the problem is more and more headache, take the U disk partition for it: sometimes users do not know what they did, U disk not only automatic partition Even the files inside are gone. How to deal with this situation, how to restore the U disk is partitioned, if you restore the deleted file of the U disk?

Problem Description:

Insert the USB flash drive into the computer and click the right button to view the U disk properties. The display is: 0 bytes of used space and 1.99G of available space.

Open My Computer - Manage - Disk Management in turn, the removable disk (U disk) has automatically generated two partitions.


Mouse select my computer, right click, select "Manage" in the drop-down view, and then enter the "Disk Management" interface, where you can see all the disk space, please find the "Removable Hard Disk" U disk" two partitions, Then select and find the extra partition to delete it. You can also delete both partitions and re-establish a partition.

Data Recovery:

U disk disk partition cancellation often accompanied by data loss, this time we want to restore the files in the U disk, we can use Bplan data recovery. Like her name, Bplan data recovery can scan the USB flash drive to find the deleted files in the U disk database.

1. Please open Bplan data recovery and select “U disk phone camera card recovery” (mouse on the recovery function to view details).

2. Select the U disk partition and click "Next". The software will automatically enter the file scanning state. If you want to restore all the files of the U disk, please do not interrupt it during the scanning, and wait patiently for the file scanning to end.

3. In the software scanning completion interface, select the file to be restored, the user can select according to the folder where the file is located, or use the setting file type, search file suffix, etc. to find the file to be selected, and then check the found file to be restored. file.

4. Click the "Next" button, set the storage location of the recovery file in the jump interface, and then click "Next" to restore the file.

The above is all the contents of today's introduction: How to restore the U disk is partitioned? How to recover deleted files from U disk