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How to recover data from USB drive shows 0 bytes
  • Author:urecovery
  • Publish Time:2018-09-09 09:04

In the use of U disk, it is inevitable to encounter various problems: U disk is still good yesterday, how to format it today, when you are sure to format, and remind you that Windows can not complete the format. Right click on the U disk and select Properties. You will find that both free space and used space are displayed as 0 bytes. What is going on? How to solve the problem of U disk 0 byte?

There are many reasons for this situation. For example, in the process of reading data in the U disk, we remove the U disk from the computer, or the external conditions caused by the U disk inserted (such as sudden power failure, computer We shut down, etc.), this may cause the U disk 0 byte problem, which is caused by some conventional visible logic errors.

From the perspective of U disk data security, using professional data recovery software to effectively extract the data in the U disk is the best solution. Here U disk data recovery software is recommended for everyone, it is a simple operation, recovery function is very A powerful data recovery tool can effectively help you recover data in a 0-byte U disk and avoid U disk data loss.

Using Bplan data recovery to recover files deleted by U disk is also very simple. According to the actual situation, in the process of u disk data recovery, we can confirm that the selected media type is memory device, and the recovery scenario is to recover deleted files, only one step. Step by step, the software will automatically scan all the files in the U disk, and finally find the required files and save them.
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If you are bothered by the U disk 0 byte problem at this time, then you can try the above method to solve the problem step by step, I hope to help everyone's U disk data recovery work.