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Many small partners have asked me privately, is there a good WD hard drive recovery software for recovering formatted computer disks? Consult the reason, because the poisoned disk is damaged, it can't be entered, the important system files are deleted by the anti-virus software, the computer can't identify the disk, and so on. A lot of important data, files, pictures, etc. are lost, they can't find it. For such problems, Xiaobian here is recommended for everyone.
 The data recovery master can easily restore the photos and other files in various types of memory cards that have been deleted by mistake. It is very professional, very competitive and widely used data recovery software, with powerful disk scanning, disk diagnosis, data recovery, Memory card file recovery and other functions. Ability to recover files that have been deleted due to misuse and formatted multiple file types. Hard drive data recovery that lives around you.
Western Digital Hard Drive
Western Digital Drive (WD) is a hard drive produced by Western Digital. Western Digital Corp. is a world-renowned hard drive manufacturer. The company was founded in 1970 and began designing and producing hard drives in 1988. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, USA is one of the oldest hard drive manufacturers and one of the founders of the IDE interface. WD employs approximately 23,000 people worldwide.
Chinese name Western Digital Hard Drive Founded in 1970 Headquarters Lake Forest, California, USA 23,000 employees
Western Digital Corporation
The company's production facilities are located in Malaysia, California and Thailand, and the design agencies are located in the southern and northern parts of California, while the sales department is full.
ball. After exiting the SCSI market in 1999, WD focused on the IDE field. In the second half of 2001, sales for the six months were $1.015 billion, and it maintained a profit of $33 million. WD is a company that is not good at propaganda. There are only a handful of unique technologies that people can remember. In fact, WD's technical strength is not to be underestimated. Its long-term high-performance hard drive performance must be supported by advanced technology. For a long time, Western Digital has been committed to providing comprehensive storage solutions for PC users worldwide. Western Digital has extensive experience in providing services to users and organizations that collect, manage and use digital information. Western Digital's product line covers enterprise servers, desktop IDE hard drives, mobile storage applications and AV.
Hard disk brand
WD Raptor Raptor and WD Caviar Caviar are registered trademarks. WD Passport, WD Scorpio and the WD logo are trademarks of Western Digital Technologies, Inc. All other brand and product names mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies.
Product Categories
And product names are the property of their respective companies.
[WD Raptor] (Raptor) SCSI interface for the advanced workstation and server market. It offers 1.2 million hours of MTBF and a 5-year warranty. 【WD RE】 【WD RE2 】
Desktop level
(Desktop hard drive): [WD Raptor X] SATA interface 10,000-rpm hard drive 150 GB, 1.5 Gb/s, 16 MB cache, 10,000 RPM. Provide a five-year warranty. Caviar (caviar) series [WD Caviar SE16] runs fast and quiet, low heat, has 16 MB cache, supports NCQ, supports hot swap, supports 3G/s transmission rate, and conforms to REV.2.5 specification. [WD Caviar GP] (Green power) drives make desktop PCs and external storage devices quieter and cooler. This device saves important power resources. [WD Caviar SE] The hard drive runs quietly, quickly, with low heat, and is equipped with 8MB cache, which shows superior performance and reliability for SATA interfaces up to 500 GB, 3 Gb/sec, 8 MB cache, 7200 RPM. [ WD Caviar ] Western Digital Caviar drives are the best choice for mainstream desktop PCs with a maximum capacity of 250G.
Mobile hard disk
[WD Scorpio] (Scorpio) Hard drives are characterized by high performance and low power consumption. The 5,400-rpm WD Scorpio product is extremely fast, but consumes less power, extending the life of the system's battery and increasing long-term reliability. WD entered the mobile hard drive market in 2005.
Digital video
[WD AV] WD AV series hard drives are widely used in security audio products, including set-top boxes, DVD players and mainstream monitoring system equipment. With EIDE and SATA interfaces, the capacity ranges from 80GB to 500GB.
Color classification editing
Blue represents the mainstream hard drive product. The sense of stability given by blue represents the professionalism and reliability of Western Digital BLUE. Caviar Blue and Scorpio Blue are the most commonly used series of 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch products, respectively. This series of hard drives can meet the stringent requirements of ordinary users for the stability of the hard disk.
Blue disk 7200 rev / sec, all aspects are more balanced, the performance measured is also similar to the black disk, do system disk and store the game is good. 3 years warranty. Common models are: WD1600AAJS, WD5000AAKS, WD10EALS, WD10EALX, WD3200BEVT and so on.
Green represents environmentally friendly hard disk products. Green represents the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly hard drive in the 3.5-inch WD caviar series with its fresh and environmentally friendly meaning. The WD Green Drive with WD GreenPower technology provides a quieter, greener and lower power storage solution for energy-conscious consumers.
The green disk is 5400 rpm, the noise is small and energy saving, and the disadvantage is poor performance. It is suitable for storing movies and materials in warehouse disks. 3 years warranty. Common models are: WD5000AADS, WD10EADS, WD10EADX, WD10EARS, WD10EVDS and so on.
Black represents the highest performance product. Black is the ultimate expression of Western Digital hard drives due to its professional top-notch meaning and speed. The rock-solid mechanical structure provides the perfect storage solution for professional enthusiasts and those who pursue extreme performance.
Black disk 7200 rev / sec, cache can be used to do the download disk and system disk, often read and write program files. 5 years warranty. Common models: WD5001AALS, WD1001FALS, WD1002FAEX, WD2001FASS, WD3200BEKT and so on.
Red disk: The red disk is targeted at home and small office NAS, and has the ability to work 7×24. The power consumption and noise are comparable to the green disk, but the reliability and stability are far better than the green disk.
The newly released purple disk: the purple disk is specially designed for video surveillance applications. After special monitoring and compatibility testing (including CCT certification), it can run 24×7 without interruption. The average time between failures is 1 million hours. It is suitable for home, SOHO, small and medium. enterprise. It supports up to eight hard drives in parallel and supports up to 32 HD cameras with an annual write load of 60TB and a typical power consumption of 5.1W. [1] 
Hard disk number editing
Western Digital's (WD) IDE hard drive includes the Caviar (Caviar) and Experl (Expert) series, but the latter has long been discontinued. WD hard drives are basically divided into three categories: high-end BB series, mid-range AB series, low-end EB series, of which only BB series hard drives are 7200 rpm. The number of Western Digital hard drives usually consists of a major number and an additional number, but Western Digital does not disclose the specific meaning of the additional number to the retail market.
The numbering format of Western Digital varies from product to product, and the numbering method is simple and clear, consisting of 12 numbers or letters. Among the 12 numbers, the first 6 numbers are the main numbers, and the last 6 numbers are the additional numbers. The main caviar in the desktop market is labeled "manufacturer code + capacity + speed, cache + interface type".
Main number part
The first part "WD" is the abbreviation of "Western Digital", which means the products of Western Digital Western Digital.
The second part usually consists of 3 to 4 digits, indicating capacity, in units of 100M. Its logo is the same as Seagate, such as 4-digit "1200" for 120GB and 3-digit "800" for 80GB.
The English letters in the third part indicate the speed and buffer capacity. "A" indicates a caviar hard disk with a rotational speed of 5400 RPM/min. “B” indicates a caviar hard disk with a rotational speed of 7200 RPM/min. “E” indicates a Protege series hard drive with a speed of 5400 RPM/min. “J” indicates a speed of 7200 RPM/min and a data cache of 8MB high-end caviar hard drive. “G” stands for Raptor (Raptor), the highest-end desktop hard drive with a speed of 10,000 RPM/min and a data cache of 8MB.
The fourth part shows the interface type. A--Ultra ATA66, B--Ultra ATA100, W indicates a hard disk applied to the AV (Digital Video) field, and D indicates a Serial ATA150 interface.
Additional number part
The first part is the OEM customer identification, 00 is the retail market, and the others are OEM customer codes. If it is other characters, it is the code of the OEM customer. The different numbers correspond to different OEM customers, and this numbered hard disk is usually not for the retail market.
Western Digital Hard Drive
Western Digital Hard Drive (20 photos)
The first character of the second part is expressed as a single disc capacity, "C" represents a single disc capacity of 40 GB, "D" stands for 66 GB, and "E" stands for 83 GB. Corresponding to single-disc capacity, CP--Protg series (known as EB series) 40GB single-disc capacity version, CB--Caviar5400 series (ie AB series) 40GB single-disc capacity version, CA--Caviar7200 series (ie BB series) 40GB single-disc capacity version, CR--Caviar SE 7200 series (ie JB series with 8MB cache) 40GB single-disc capacity version.
The second character in the second part indicates the version code of the same series of hard disks, which varies with different series. “A” stands for 7200 rpm, BB series for Ultra ATA100 interface; “B” stands for 5400 rpm, AB series for Ultra ATA66 interface; “P” stands for 5400 rpm, EB series for Ultra ATA100 interface; “R” "Expressing 7200 rpm, Ultra ATA100 interface, JB series with 8MB cache. In the single-disc 66GB and 83GB products, there are also other letters such as "U" and "V", which correspond to JB series and BB series products respectively.
The fourth part is the firmware version of the hard disk. We currently have "F0", "A0" and so on.