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Toshiba Data recovery software free download,Toshiba hard dr
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Toshiba hard drive
With the continuous development of hard disk technology, Toshiba has made breakthroughs in the surface storage density of hard disks, transforming this traditional product into a highly competitive digital device. The company has broken through the limitations of previous hard disk technology applications and helped Partners in consumer electronics, computer applications, and automakers create high-value digital products that are centered on Toshiba's core technology center in Ome, Japan, and US storage application design in Fremont, California. center.
Toshiba's continued innovation and success can be traced back to the first 14-inch hard drive in 1972, with the world's oldest hard drive production history.
Toshiba is the world's first hard disk manufacturer to understand the installation of HDDs inside the car to store digital content, and in 1997 launched the world's first automotive-grade hard drive.
In 2000, Toshiba became the first company to successfully launch a 1.8-inch hard drive. This hard drive is designed for Apple's Ipod. Toshiba's product quality and technology have been highly recognized by Apple. All of Apple's products are still using Toshiba's storage products.
As the leader of emerging technologies and standards, Toshiba was the first to announce and launch a hard disk product using PMR perpendicular magnetic recording technology in 2004, which has become an industry standard that can bring higher storage capacity.
Development history editor
First introduced the 14-inch hard disk product in 1972
The world's first hard disk using glass discs in 1991
Launched the world's first automotive hard drive product in 1997
First hard drive made in 1998 using giant magnetoresistive (GMR) heads
Toshiba 1.8-inch hard drive marketed in 2000
The world's first perpendicular magnetic record hard disk in 2004
Toshiba Enterprise Hard Drives in 2009
Launched the exclusive enhanced security technology "WIPE" in 2010
In 2012, it became the only hard disk manufacturer in the world with a full line of storage products.