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Hitachi Data recovery software free download,Hitachi hard dr
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Hitachi hard disk data recovery method
Now is the world of the Internet, and many things can be found on the Internet. Sometimes I meet a beloved movie or TV show. What should I do if I download it and I don’t want to delete it? What if the photo and video of the commemorative value are full of computers? What do you want to do with important company information and personal documents? Need a mobile hard drive. But if you sometimes delete the information by mistake, what should you do? No problem, you can use the software to find the information in minutes. Not much nonsense, Xiaobian now takes the Hitachi hard drive as an example to tell everyone about the steps.
1, first find a free version on the official website to install.
Please pay attention when installing the software: If you need to retrieve the files deleted by mistake on the C drive, it is best not to install the Pro to the C drive, otherwise it will affect the file system of the C drive, which is not good for data recovery.
After installing the program and the corresponding Chinese package, run the program, click the “Properties” button on the main interface, and check “Simplified Chinese” in the pop-up window. After confirming and restarting the program, the Chinese simplified interface will be displayed.
It is a very powerful hard drive data recovery tool that can help you recover lost data and rebuild file systems. After the software is turned on, we choose data recovery -------- format recovery
2, pop-up destination warning
3, the meaning is: recovery, it is best to choose a different partition or mobile disk with the recovery disk,
If there are multiple disks, they can be other disks.
4, next we choose a partition that needs to be restored, set the format of the partition
5. In the next step, the software will automatically scan the file system, and the file system will automatically scan the file after scanning.
6, the next step, select the files that need to be restored, put a tick on it
7, the next step, set the location where you need to restore the file save
8, the next step, the software will automatically copy the recovered files to the location you set
9. After the copy is completed, the completion screen is displayed, and the restored log is displayed.
10. Click Finish to pop up the “Restore Task” save dialog box. We select “No”.
11. The entire recovery process is completed. Very simple, right?
Many people will think that after the data is lost, they will definitely not find it. Actually, it is not. In addition, there are a lot of data recovery software available. Xiaobian will not introduce them here. However, this is not without worries. Sometimes, after the data is restored, some information has been destroyed and cannot be recovered. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that you should have the habit of backing up important files, otherwise it will be very troublesome to lose.
Hitachi hard disk
Founded in 2003, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies was founded on the strategic integration of IBM and Hitachi's storage technology business. The storage business is one of Hitachi's five core businesses. The introduction of advanced technology and strong capital is an important factor in its business development and profit growth. The company's focus is on providing users with a full-featured digital lifestyle by providing high-capacity storage products for the office, on the road, and at home. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is focused on rapidly expanding the reach of hard drives to extend the boundaries of traditional computer applications to consumer electronics and other emerging products.
The company will inherit IBM and Hitachi's world-renowned research and development technology and carry forward its 80 years of hard disk expertise. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Inc. with strong, focused R&D technology and development investments
Will inspire and lead the future direction of storage technology.
In the hard disk market, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies provides customers with a customer-oriented and comprehensive service. Through the world-class operating model, pragmatic top-notch technical knowledge, and a comprehensive customer support service structure, the company's products and services are of an outstanding quality.
On March 8, 2011, Western Digital announced the acquisition of Hitachi’s hard drive business (completed in the third quarter) with a total value of approximately $4.3 billion in cash and stock, announcing the end of the era of the hard drive market. At present, the market value of Seagate is about 6.32 billion US dollars. Before Western Digital acquired Hitachi, it was 8.41 billion US dollars. After the acquisition, Seagate will become the "one brother" among hard disk manufacturers.
Product Category
In terms of product categories, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies offers a portfolio of industry-leading products, including 1-inch, 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk storage devices and solutions to meet the needs of different markets.
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies consists of four product business units and one internal business unit:
●• Desktop Hard Drives Hitachi Global Storage Technologies offers a wide range of desktop hard drives for traditional and advanced desktop applications such as multimedia, video streaming, stereoscopic images and digital photos. The company will leverage its extensive technical expertise to continue its award-winning Deskstar tradition of creative technology and performance excellence.
●• Mobile Electronics Hard Drives—Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has the broadest line of mobile storage products in the industry, including the industry's first high-performance, high-capacity 1-inch hard drive. Microdrives offer capacities ranging from 340MB to 1GB, which outperforms other products of the same type in the market, and their cost per megabyte is significantly lower than that of competitors. This hard drive is the world's thinnest, lightest and best-performing 1-inch hard drive, and weighs less than a 2A battery. Microdrives are designed for applications that are small in size but require extra capacity, such as digital cameras, PDAs, and MP3s.
● Server Hard Drives - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies also offers a complete set of server hard drives, which also have a high market share in the 10,000 and 15000RPM series. Its Ultrastar server hard drive family delivers high-capacity data processing performance for data-intensive applications and user support for many high-end interfaces.
● Emerging Markets - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies' emerging market business is primarily responsible for providing consumers with a variety of solutions that continue to be researched and developed to make hard drives more widely used outside of the traditional IT industry. Another task is to promote and nurture the new hard drive market and apply it to products that are closely tied to consumers, creating more business opportunities and driving business growth.
● Head/Disc - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies develops and manufactures its own hard disk heads and discs. Therefore, it is possible to effectively control and manage the quality and design of the product, so that the pace of development of its products closely follows the needs of customers.
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) today announced the delivery of its fifth-generation 7,200-rpm notebook hard drive. With a 500GB capacity and 3Gb/s SATA interface, the 2.5-inch Hitachi 7K500 hard drive is designed for notebooks, gaming and professional external storage applications. The Hitachi 7K500 combines industry-leading performance, high capacity and ruggedness to make it ideal for multitasking, gaming and other graphics processing. The new Hitachi 7K500 is the fastest-running hard drive in its class, with 56% more capacity and 16% more application performance than the previous generation. In addition, it offers the best shock resistance, best performance and excellent battery life in its class.