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LaCie Data Recovery Service
Q: Is Seagate's data recovery service limited to LaCie or Seagate products?
A: They provide data recovery services for all hard drive types and brands.
Q: How is the data recovery service charged?
A: A fixed flat fee is charged per hard disk. If Seagate's data recovery team can save the data on your hard drive, they will subtract the evaluation fee from the total data recovery price.
Q: What happens if I send the old hard drive to you?
A: If your data is recoverable, Seagate will return your data in the new Seagate hard drive. Your damaged hard drive will be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
Q: After I paid the evaluation fee and sent the hard drive to Seagate, how do I track the status of the case?
A: Seagate will periodically send email updates to let you know the status of the case until the returned media is sent. You can also view your case status through the online tracking program located here.
Q: How do I submit a data recovery request for a multi-drive system?
A: If you have a 2 hard disk RAID system, select RAID 2 for the Media Type field in the submission form. If you have a 4 hard disk RAID system, select RAID 4 for the Media Type field in the submission form, and so on.
Q: What is the media type of the Network Connection System (NAS) in the submission form?
A: Submit a single hard drive NAS as a single hard drive. For multiple hard disk NAS, use RAID+ [number associated with the number of hard disks].
Q: If the data on one of the RAID drives is lost, why do I have to send all of the RAID drives for recovery?
A: In most RAID disk failures, the failure is not a comprehensive disaster, and users can easily access the data in the RAID. RAID systems are often used for speed and/or data redundancy. As a result, sometimes catastrophic failures, such as corruption of a RAID array or multiple disk failures, in which you cannot access your data. If such a failure occurs and you are unable to see a redundant mirror image of the data in RAID, it is a serious situation. At this point, rebuilding the array with each of the included independent disks is the only possible solution. Therefore, you will need to send all RAID hard drives for recovery.
Q: How do I package the media and send it to Seagate Data Recovery?
A: If you send an internal hard drive, be sure to pack your media in an antistatic package.
Do not send a computer system, we only need a media device. Please review the manufacturer's instructions for how to safely remove the media and how this may affect your product warranty.
Also, do not send power and accessories, this will be discarded.
Q: How do I find recovered data on the external hard drive you sent me?
A: For Windows users: Most files are saved in the Windows Explorer user folder. If an external hard disk needs to be restored, the data organization before the failure should be similar. If data recovery does not preserve the folder structure, a file type search can be used to locate key information. Search for common extensions using search identities such as "EXT:". (Example: "EXT:.jpg" will search all jpg files in the directory. Replace jpg with the desired file type such as docx, xlsx, png, etc.)
For Mac® users: Like Windows, key files are typically saved in a user folder. In the Finder, use the drop-down menu and search by category to display general file types. External drives that are not set up for Time Machine® will probably be in the same organization before failure.
On an external hard drive backed up with Time Machine, the data is saved in the folder labeled "backups.backupsdb" by backup date. In this folder, find the user folder to search for the data you want. In general, most recent backups contain missing data, or you can find them in older backup files.
If the Time Machine recovery display folder is inaccessible, it means that no new data needs to be backed up in the latest backup. In this case, find the data you want in a long backup file.
Q: Why did I receive the warranty replacement drive without my recovered data?
A: In some cases, depending on the type of drive you have purchased and the way you request a replacement (especially if you have a built-in hard drive or NAS device), you may receive two hard drives. To ensure that you have easy access to your recovered data, your data is returned via an external hard drive and delivered separately from your warranty replacement drive.
LaCie, France, is recognized as a leading manufacturer of storage devices in Europe. With its superior external design and leading internal storage technology, it has become a representative brand of elegant taste in Europe. LaCie's products are based on ergonomics and are designed by a group of world-renowned designers. Each product is like a piece of art dedicated to the audience. Since 1992, LaCie has worked with a group of world-renowned designers to develop new products, including Ziba Design, Philippe Starck, Porsche Design GmbH, Karim Rashid, Ora-Ito and Neil Poulton, all of which have won the European Red Dot Design. Grand prize."
LaCie also always hopes to let consumers know that storage devices not only store data, but also keep your memories and make your life.
brand history
LaCie (Rice), founded in 1989 from the romantic capital of France, is a professional external storage device manufacturer, covering everything from creative consumer storage to enterprise storage applications. From the beginning of Lacie's establishment, the excellent industrial design was applied to the product, which made Lacie's mobile hard disk directly visually different from other brands. While strengthening its own design strength, Lacie will also work with different designers across the border, including Porsche.
Since 1995, when LACIE acquired the Quantum subsidiary, IDP, Lacie has won the "APPLE"---Apple's favor in its in-house technology and external design. You can buy lacie products at any APPLE store in the world. Many “fruit powders” mostly choose lacie products when choosing external mobile storage. The reason is simple, because the exterior design of Lacie is very good with Apple products, and the superior performance of internal technology.
France lacie has 15 offices and technical support centers around the world, covering major cities around the world. You can buy lacie products with confidence and enjoy the technical support and services that lacie provides for you.
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