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Founded in 1985 by Paul Seed and KenKalopsis, StarTech has more than 3,000 products and is ISO 9001 certified. StarTech has more than 30,000 distributors in 15 countries around the world. StarTech products can easily solve the application problems of IT professionals. Provides a solution solution that is difficult to solve.
How to recover data when the hard disk is broken? There are many reasons for the damage of the hard disk. Some serious ones can be recovered by the data recovery software. Let's take a look at it and hope to help you: 1. Small problem: hard disk aging hard disk copy slow, hard disk bad track, copy prompt Io error, or some files can not be copied, some partitions can be opened, some can not be opened, etc. These problems can be recovered by data recovery software, commonly used winhex, r-studio, easyreocvery, super data recovery software can recover a lot The file, if the data is important or has been tried again, can not be recovered, it is recommended to send professional data to restore the company recovery, you can also contact Zhaobo Data Recovery Company to recover.
2. Serious failure: abnormal sound of the hard disk (popping, humming, music), the hard disk is not recognized, biso can not detect the hard disk, the device manager can not identify the model, these are bad head or bad motor, this kind of In this case, it is necessary to open the data recovery in the clean room. Ordinary users should not open in a normal environment, so the recovery difficulty will be increased or the data will be permanently lost and cannot be recovered.
3. Serious failure: the hard disk firmware is bad, the hard disk is in the water, the hard disk is broken, the mobile hard disk indicator is flashing, these need clean room opening data recovery, and then repair the hard disk firmware through the professional hard disk repair device such as pc-3000 exp and then extract the data. .
Hard disk structure
4. Price problem: Many people think that data recovery is very expensive, but many users think it is very cheap. In fact, this is not the case. Regular data recovery companies calculate the cost according to the actual workload and cost.
Data recovery Many users think it is very expensive: tens of thousands or more, need to recover in a vacuum environment, need a hard disk drive, etc. These are exaggerated claims, the general hard disk recovery costs in the 400-3000 yuan.
But many users think it is very cheap: not just software to scan, use the device to read, I am guiding the data, and do not repair the hard disk, I only need a file and many other customers say so.
5.About software problems: Many customers download software recovery scans on the Internet before recovery. As a result, the files that cannot be recovered or recovered can be garbled. In fact, you must do your homework recovery. Read more tutorials, know the principle, and restore success rate. Will be higher or can protect the status quo, can not restore others and the possibility of recovery, there are many customers to download a lot of software scans online, without knowing whether the file is available, restore the restored files directly to the original location or partition As a result, it was found that it could not be opened. In this case, the original problem was destroyed, and the restored file completely covered the original data, so that no one could recover.
6. Software recovery: Many online software are basically simple recovery, data recovery company a lot of software is the hard work of years of research, or heavy purchase software, regular upgrades are cost, such as pc3000 udma to 40,000 yuan, pc3000 Exp costs 5-6 million yuan, pc3000-sas 50,000 yuan, the need to upgrade 2 times a year or so costs about 10,000, these are the basic costs. The recovery of each hard disk also requires experienced engineers to detect recovery. These tools are just a platform. The data recovery of each hard disk is not necessarily the same, and it needs to be analyzed separately.
Hard disk head
7. Open data recovery: There are a lot of hard or bad heads that are hard to recover: you need to repair the disc and then replace the matching head, but the head is not sold separately, you need to remove the head of a good hard disk. To recover the data of the bad hard disk, if it is smooth, one is enough. If it is not smooth, it may take several heads to recover. If the scratch is serious, it is useless to change the magnetic head. The replaced head is directly scrapped. These are all very common. At present, no device can directly read data in the case of only a disk. It is not the kind of data that the customer imagines to read data like a dvd disc. The basic principle is to read the hard disk. , extract data through a data recovery device.
Let's talk about what data recovery devices are needed:
Used to recover damaged HDD data from many vendors (Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Fujitsu, etc.) based on SATA (Serial ATA) or PATA (IDE) interfaces. File system FAT, exFAT, NTFS, EXT2 / 3/4, HFS +, UFS1 / 2, XFS, Samsung, Maxtor, Quantum, IBM (HGST), HITACHI, TOSHIBA), various capacities (from 500 MB to 6 TB) ), ReiserFS, VMFS and virtual image VMDK and VHD. The PC-3000 Express system is a highly recommended data recovery solution when customer time and data recovery speeds are at the top of the list. For the fastest data recovery jobs that require the highest efficiency, this is the best solution. You can run four data recovery tasks at maximum speed at the same time, so you can recover your customers' data in the shortest amount of time. The system can be used in small data recovery labs as well as in emergency tasks and big data recovery companies that require fast turnaround times.
With the continuous development of high technology, the usage rate of hard disks is constantly rising. With the reduction of hard disk prices and the cost of compression of manufacturers, the quality of hard disks is declining. Many hard disks fail after being used for a short time. If it is damaged, it is necessary to recover the data by opening the disk to replace the head. The success rate of the data recovery is extremely related to the level of the clean room. The data loss is not terrible. How to choose a reliable hard disk data? Can the recovery organization guarantee the success rate of data recovery to the greatest extent?
First of all, the inside of the hard disk is a highly dust-free environment (the inside of the hard disk is not a vacuum environment. The head needs to work. The air generated by the disk rotates after the disk rotates. If the inside of the hard disk is vacuum, the magnetic head will not be able to The suspension is suspended and swept away. The cleanliness is better than 10 (the number of micro-dust is less than or equal to 0.5 micron in diameter per cubic meter). For comparison, the comfortable living environment is 300,000. Class, while heavily polluted cities like Beijing, the cleanliness is 1 million or even worse. In such an environment, the disk cavity is opened, and the dust in the air will cause great damage to the disk. The opening data recovery is to open the closed cavity of the hard disk, replace the damaged magnetic head or the spindle motor to recover. If the open air environment is not up to standard, the particles suspended in the air of 0.5 micron or larger will fall into the disc quickly. When the magnetic head is working, the distance between the magnetic head and the disc is 002 micrometers, which is less than one hundredth of the diameter of the human hair. When the hard disk is rotated, these seemingly tiny particles are actually on the hard disk. It is like a huge bomb, which will cause great damage to the disc. The premise of the data recovery is that the disc is intact. If the disc is damaged, the data may not be recovered at all.