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Samsung solid state drive
Samsung solid state drive Samsung solid state drive is now 850, and the difference between 850 and 850EVO, how can EVO be more expensive?
The samsung850pro uses MLC flash memory, while the Samsung850evo uses TLC flash memory (which is much cheaper). The former is better than the latter in terms of speed and lifetime.
The 850EVO uses a zone to temporarily store data in SLC mode and then quickly transfer it to TLC (SLC flash speed and better life). The AS_SSD_Benchmark test software is just tested in this area, so the test score is high once this area is occupied. , the test will be part of the TLC, the score will drop significantly. So the 850EVO is much cheaper than the 850pro. At present, only TMS flash memory is used for Samsung 840EVO and 850 VEO, plus one for SanDisk, and the rest are basically MLC.
Data recovery secret: Samsung hard disk open data recovery process
Data recovery technology is very vague for most people, and even many people have never heard of data loss and data recovery. Computers have become an indispensable tool in people's lives. Frequent system failures and data loss caused by misuse can occur. Data recovery techniques are required when data cannot be opened or used properly. The physical failure of the hard disk, for how to troubleshoot, the complexity of the technology, our general users know very little. Today let us get close to high-end data recovery technology: open data recovery technology!
Today, the data is restored to a customer in a farm in Northeast China. It is a new Samsung gold hard drive, model HD161HJ/CNG, as shown below:
Data recovery secret: Samsung hard disk open data recovery process
samsungHD161HJ/CNG gold plate
The fault phenomenon described by the customer Miss Liu is that after the hard disk is turned, it will not turn, and will not recognize the disk. Below we use a special tool to detect and further determine the type of fault. First connect the hard disk to the PC3000, power it on, listen carefully to the sound of the head positioning, and pay attention to the temperature of the board and whether there is an odor.
Power-on detection of this Samsung hard disk sound is abnormal, the head is tapped twice when the head is positioned, then the hard disk stops, and the BUSY light is always on under the PC3000, as shown in Figure 2:
PC3000 detects that the hard disk BUSY light is always on
It can be seen that the head of this Samsung hard disk cannot be reset and the model cannot be identified. Therefore, it is judged that the head is physically faulty, the head needs to be replaced, and the data recovery is completed after repositioning. The above fault phenomenon is also a common fault of the Samsung hard disk. If there is no accident, the success rate of data recovery is almost 100%. As shown in Figure 3.
Hard disk does not recognize the model
(Note: It is only necessary to replace the magnetic head with a universal head in the same brand and the same type of hard disk. However, some partial mismatched heads can be edited by technical means.)
The spare parts library for data recovery has the same type of hard disk, which saves a lot of trouble and takes a step further from data recovery. :) As shown in Figure 4.
Data recovery secret: Samsung hard disk open data recovery process
Here we introduce you to the commonly used opening tools. The opening data recovery is not a special equipment and tools that many companies advocate. In fact, opening is a very very simple manual operation, preparing simple screwdrivers, pliers, blades. , scorpion, leather tiger, pen, etc. The technical content of the opening process itself is not high, and the more difficult part is the judgment of the hard disk failure and the adjustment of the magnetic head after the opening. Please be patient and look back. As shown in Figure 5.
Opening tool is very simple
Everything is ready, we are ready to open.
(Note: Clean room is the best environment for opening data recovery. Class 100 clean room is the basic requirement for data recovery. The use of clean room opening can improve the success rate of data recovery. Data recovery first builds 100 clean rooms, opening data. The recovery environment is guaranteed.)
Before entering the clean room, engineers need to wear clean clothes, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the clean room. As shown in Figure 6.
Engineers wear clean clothes and need to pass through the air shower before entering the clean room. The main function is to blow off the dust from the body. These blown dust will enter the filter unit of the clean room. As shown in Figure 7 and Figure 8.
Next, the engineer will enter the work area and complete the opening operation. Use a screwdriver matching the Samsung hard drive to open the hard drive and remove the damaged head. (Note: Engineers should wear non-slip gloves when opening the disc to prevent the missed hand from scratching the hard disk platter) as shown in Figure 9.
Open the cover of the hard disk and remove the clip for fixing the magnetic head. As shown in Figure 10.
Next, we remove the damaged head. As shown in Figure 11.
We use the same method to remove the magnetic head from the spare part disk, pay attention to the appearance of the bad magnetic head, and use the pen to make the mark, so as not to make a mistake. As shown in Figure 12.
We look at the appearance of the head and, based on experience, make the necessary adjustments to the spare heads. As shown in Figure 13.
The adjustment of the head needs to be very careful
After the adjustment is completed, we will put a good magnetic head on the bad disk. Please pay attention to this link very carefully, otherwise the data recovery will be abandoned. As shown in Figure 14.
After the hard disk is installed, it is connected to the PC3000 for power-on test. Obviously, this Samsung hard drive is now ready. Just wait for the order. Seeing this, it has taken a big step towards data recovery success, huh, huh. As shown in Figure 15.
After the disk is replaced, the Samsung hard disk is ready.
We entered the PC3000's main program to continue to detect the hard disk, the model, SN number, capacity and other information are identified, which indicates that the disk has been recognized. As shown in Figure 16.
Samsung hard drive model, SN number, capacity, etc. to identify
Next, let's copy the data. Start DataExtractor. As shown in Figure 17.
After the creation of the new task, we saw the partition information of the hard disk, and the data can be fully displayed. The list information of the files is also very clear, and the next step is to copy the most important data according to the customer's requirements. As shown in Figure 18.
At this point, the important data of the customer from a farm in Northeast China has been successfully restored. The customer's inspection confirmed that the above recovered data is the data that is urgently to be recovered.