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Compaq hard drive Data recovery software free download
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Compaq hard drive was invested by three senior managers from Texas Instruments, Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto in February 1982. Created together with $1,000. In 2002, Compaq hard drive was acquired by Hewlett-Packard Company.
The original Compaq hard drive product was the first version of IBM's personal computer with portability and compatibility. In March 1983, it was priced at $3,590. This big guy should be the ancestor of today's laptops. Although it is not the first portable computer produced in the world, it is the first portable computer produced by IBM. The first personal computer recognized by IBM is compatible with it. Everyone's recognition. The Compaq hard drive computer sold 53,000 units in its first year, creating a record of the company's sales revenue for the first three years in the US business. It is a big guy with a 9-inch black and white screen, two 5 1/4-inch floppy disks and a weight of 20kg.
Most of IBM's components in the PC are not produced directly by itself. This may be the main reason why Compaq hard drive has achieved such success, because Microsoft has never transferred the license of its operating system to any computer manufacturer. The only thing that needs to be copied is the BIOS, but Compaq hard drive costs $1 million to buy the patent, which can be decompiled (if the translation is incorrect, welcome to correct it). This quickly made it an industry leader for other companies in the industry.
Compaq hard drive established its important position in its industry in 1987, during which year they launched the first new 32-bit processor in the x86 series designed by Intel. - 80386 PC.
Growth rights
After Ifery took office, he immediately began to improve the company's cost structure. He reduced his staff by 14%, cut management fees per unit by 63%, and cut dealers' profits. These drastic measures have enabled the company to regain its previous profit margins. Fife swears that Compaq hard drive computer company will become the world's leading personal computer company in 1996. He achieved his goal ahead of schedule in 1994.
In order to restore Compaq hard drive to its former growth rate, Fife has implemented several pioneering initiatives. Compaq hard drive enters new markets and accelerates new product development. In 1992, Compaq hard drive competed with replicas, and personal computers dropped by 10% to 35%. From 1991 to 1996, Compaq hard drive introduced new products such as file and print servers, low-cost commercial PCs, application servers, medium-range servers, NT professional workstations and super servers. At the same time, the company made large-scale adjustments to the manufacturing department and sales system, reducing unit costs.
While winning new customers, Compaq hard drive actively expanded its business, starting in Western Europe and later in Japan, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific.
In 1997, Compaq hard drive completed the acquisition of TANDEM, a high-end server manufacturer. In June 1998, it acquired Digital Equipment Corporation, which strengthened Compaq hard drive's position in the micro-computer and computer server markets.
[disk array data recovery failure description]
The customer's COMPAQ HARD DRIVE server, the server uses the hp smart array controller to mount a domestic disk array, the disk array consists of 14 146G SCSI hard disks to form a RAID5. The operating system is LINUX, and NFS+FTP is built and used as the company's internal file server.
Due to the relocation of the server room, the administrator cleaned up the server and disk array devices by the way, and then the server could not recognize the RAID after the link in the new computer room, and did not initialize.
[raid data recovery center initial inspection result]
The engineer performed a simple initial inspection of the device and found that the data loss was caused by the loss of the raid information. The HP smart array series controller was derived from Compaq, and the redundancy in the RAID was double-cycled.
1. Connect the SCSI enclosure directly to a SCSI expansion card that does not contain RAID.
2. The engineers then connected all the hard disks in the server array in a single disk on the dedicated (windows2003 modified) repair platform.
3. In order to protect the original data of the customer and avoid changing the original data of the customer due to the data recovery operation, all the hard disks must be completely mirrored in a read-only manner during all data recovery processes, and the image is also stored in the device with redundancy protection. on.
4. Arrange the engineer to analyze the double-loop check parameters of the original RAID from the image file and build a virtual raid platform.
5. Remove the early and offline disks on the virtual RAID platform and explain the file system. At this time, the raid data can be exported.
6. Connect the disk array to the customer's original HP server and reconfigure the RAID.
7. Finally, all data is transmitted back to the newly created raid disk array through data transmission methods such as dd, NFS, SAMBA, FTP, and SSH.
All data in Raid was 100% successful, and all work lasted 2 days.