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Server data recovery; IBM V7000 data recovery method
IBM V7000 storage is a mid-range storage device. Many enterprises choose this server as storage. Recently, the North Asia Data Recovery Center received a case of V7000 server data recovery. The following is a summary of the data recovery process and data recovery method. In summary, I hope that the administrators can help in the operation and maintenance of the server.
Server data recovery, IBM V7000 data recovery method
Server status introduction:
A server failure that requires data recovery is manifested as a loss of vdisk, and the database in the operating system cannot be used normally. The administrator rebuilds the MDisk. The original raid10 is rebuilt as raid6 and then re-established as riad10. This series of operations causes the VDisk in the storage pool of the server to be lost, which affects the normal use of the Oracle database in the upper-layer Solaris operating system. Customers need to restore two sets of databases in the original server operating system.
Data recovery first step: backup
All data recovery should not operate on the customer's original disk, so the first step of any data recovery operation must be backup. In this case, we will link all VDisks involved in the Oracle database to the backup server in read-only mode. Use the professional data backup tool to make a read-only mode backup of the mapped VDisk. Then all the member disks of the server are sorted and the IBM V7000 disk enclosure is taken out in normal mode for full-disk mirroring in read-only mode. Restore all links and physical hard disks after the backup is complete.
MDisk and VDisk recovery methods
Firstly, it is necessary to judge the degree of damage to the data by the Mdisk reconstruction operation, and then analyze the distribution rule of the reconstructed raid6 data, and calculate the specific parity of the RAID6 double-check to the hard disk. Since the double parity of raid6 will destroy the data area, we will restore the original Mdisk as much as possible in accordance with the distribution rules of raid10.
After the above series of operations, we have restored the Mdisk of the server, and then perform the underlying volume analysis on the recovered Mdisk, take out the data MAP in the reduced mode, and check whether the data MAP is normal. Restore the VDisk as much as possible according to the algorithm of the reduced mode combined with the data MAP
Database file recovery and database file repair
After the VDisk data recovery operation is completed, the Oracle database page feature scan is performed in combination with the undamaged VDisk, the feature set of the corresponding database file is generated, and the data distribution MAP of the database in all VDisks is analyzed to recover the database file, where the database is restored. Documents need to be scanned with our own software for consistency testing. The scan result file is detected as normal and structurally intact, attempting to start the database instance and monitoring the status. Everything works fine, export the database. This data recovery was successful.
BM V7000 storage MDisk reconstruction data recovery analysis
The upper VDisk and Oracle database are not working properly because an MDisk in the IBM V7000 storage has been rebuilt. If the type of MDisk rebuild is RAID6 (previously RAID10), it will cause some data corruption. According to the worst case analysis, there will be 2 disks (RAID6 double check) data corruption (in fact, it will not be completely damaged), from the damaged VDisk level, the data integrity exceeds 75%. The upper layer Oracle is composed of multiple VDisks, so the data integrity is over 95% at the upper Oracle level.
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