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The 1T mobile hard disk is formatted, can the data be retrieved? Step by step
    Formatting is a very common data recovery case failure. If the formatted disk has important information, then be sure to stop writing files to this disk immediately. Then use the data recovery software to scan and recover the data inside. The specific recovery method can be seen below.
The 1T mobile hard disk is formatted, can the data be retrieved?
Tools/raw materials
Method / step
After the downloader opens, double-click the partition you want to restore, then unzip and right click on the software icon and select "Run as administrator" software.
After the software is opened, double-click the disk that needs to recover data.
After the software finds the data, it will be placed in the same directory as the disk volume to be restored.
Check the information you need to restore, right-click and select "Copy checked files", the program will copy the checked files.
Just wait for the software to copy the file and it will be fine.
The formatted recovered data needs to be temporarily saved to another disk.
To restore the format of the removable disk, you need to pay attention to it. You must restore the data before you can save the file to this disk.
Usually, the hard disk of the new computer will be divided into two partitions, C and D. This is the practice of the installer in order to save time, but obviously this is not suitable for our daily work, and the current hard disk The mainstream configuration is a large hard disk of 500GB or 1TB. How to use it only for two partitions! Therefore, a reasonable partition of the hard disk is very necessary. This article is based on Win 7 and 1TB hard disk as an example, recommend several sets of large hard disk partitioning scheme for everyone.
As a system disk, its importance is self-evident. Only the system disk has enough space to ensure the stable operation of the system, in order to give full play to the overall performance of the computer. By default, Win 7 system files take up about 8GB (as shown), which mainly includes system files, page files (the space occupied is about 1.5 times the memory) and hibernation files (the occupied space is equal to the memory) Wait. Coupled with the space required for cache files, temporary files, etc., Microsoft conservatively recommends that the partition size of Win 7 be 15GB. However, we recommend that you divide the system disk into 50GB.
Recommended division: 50GB
Reasons for division: Remove 8GB of space occupied by the system. Some cache files and files of some installed software should also be installed in the system disk (we do not recommend installing the program on the system disk. For details, please refer to the program disk partitioning instructions). The 15GB space can only be said to be enough. However, if you want to improve the performance of the system, the system disk must have enough space to store the temporary files released when installing or running some software, as well as the swap space necessary for disk sorting. And not just the system disk, the space usage of any disk should not exceed 80%, so that the disk can run better. Therefore, we recommend that you divide the system disk as much space as possible.
Tip: When we install the Windows 7 system to create the primary partition, a system partition of size 100MB will be generated. It is the Windows 7 BitLocker partition encrypted information store. About the role of BitLocker we introduced in the 32nd period, it is not elaborated here, and 100MB of space is like a 1TB hard drive, plus its own role, so I suggest you keep the partition.
Program disk application installed separately
As mentioned earlier, we do not recommend that you install the program in the system disk, otherwise the system disk will need more space. Of course, if you think that it is installed on the system disk, it is more convenient to use Ghost backup. But by contrast, the program is better installed separately. This is because the program disk is the most frequently read and write operation, which means that it is the most vulnerable to disk fragmentation. If it is integrated with the system disk, it may affect the stability of the system. In addition, the installation, uninstallation and upgrade of the software are very frequent. After Ghost, you need to upgrade or reinstall, so it doesn't mean much.
Recommended division: 100GB
Reasons for division: With the advent of the era of large hard drives, the size of many softwares is getting larger and larger. It is very common to occupy 2GB to 3GB of space after installation. For example, the client installation of World of Warcraft takes up more than 10GB of space. So, please consider your personal situation settings for this disk. We recommend that the program disk be divided into 100GB space, and can also be divided according to individual circumstances and actual needs. For details, please refer to the final scheme list.
File tray is not much more than enough
In the daily application of the computer, there will always be some personal documents to be saved. Although these documents are not many, they will not take up a lot of disk space, but it is also necessary to separate them into a disk for storage and classification. It is also more conducive to our management.
Recommended division: 50GB
Reasons for division: Our personal documents are mainly family photos, videos, work documents, etc. Relatively speaking, the space occupied by these files is much smaller. And some important documents, we suggest that you can save by burning the disc to avoid permanent loss of data caused by hard drive damage. Therefore, this disk can be freely adjusted according to individual circumstances. However, since it is a large 1TB hard drive, 50GB of space will not be wasted.
Tip: In Win 7, the file library has provided us with basic classifications, such as videos, pictures, documents, and music, but these folders are in the system disk directory. Once the system crashes and cannot be recovered, the loss is not lost. Yu. Therefore, we recommend that you save the important files separately. If you need quick access, just create a new library in the file library.
Entertainment disk requires a lot, so the capacity is large
I believe that today's home computers are more based on entertainment. For example, store some high-definition movies and watch them slowly; some game clients are also necessary to save after downloading, in preparation for future re-installation; listening to music is absolutely lossless APE format. Therefore, the file characteristics of the entertainment disc are basically - big!
Recommended division: 50GB of remaining space
Reasons for division: Entertainment discs are mainly storage and backup files. The file size is generally large, but the file reading and writing is not frequent, so you can not defragment the disk for a long time. Therefore, the entertainment disk is the largest partition among the disk partitions. It is also reasonable.
Download disk is not too big, just right
In today's Internet age, if you use computers to do most of the things besides chatting and browsing the web, I am afraid that the download is none other than! For example, download the game client and the like as described above.
Recommended division: the remaining 50GB
Reason for division: As the title says, it’s not too big or too small. The reason why the download disk is divided separately is because this partition is the most frequently read and written area of ​​the disk, so it is very necessary to do the defragmentation often. If the partition is too large, the disk finishing speed will be reduced; if it is too small, the file downloading will not be satisfied. So 50GB of space can be said to be just right.
Tip: After installing some download programs, remember to change the default download path to the download disk, otherwise you will lose the meaning of separate division.