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The same is the hard disk, why is the gap so big? Seagate Core 2TB Original Data Recovery Service Mobile Hard Drive
Later, the ignorant short-sighted landlord ushered in the public measurement of this cloud route, but suddenly I was surprised that I didn’t even have a blank mobile hard disk. What should I do? Urgently needed, in desperation, no matter what good price is not good, buy it directly.
So there are the following three hard drives that are not too good to start with.
I was simply crying by myself.
Appearance Gallery 
First, Seagate Expansion New Core Wing 4TB Black Diamond Edition USB3.0 2.5-inch Mobile Hard Drive Classic Black
This is actually very hot, the starting price of the 无 券 769 is not expensive now, it is quite satisfactory, but the landlord is also unclear why it sells the Seagate disk, telling the truth, now, Seagate’s bad disk chance Still more than the Western Digital, from the 250G of the year, to the later 2T, Seagate's disk added up to 5 or 6, the best one did not persist for two years, and the Western Digital is broken. One, of course, this is personal data, for reference only.
When I bought it, I looked at the capacity and the price was quite beautiful. After I bought it, I got it and I thought about it. This 4T disk is full of data to be hanged. It is very painful, why buy a Seagate! What is the so-called experience?
This guy is estimated to dare to install HD movies.
Seagate Expansion New 4W Black Diamond USB3.0 2.5-inch Mobile Hard Drive Classic Black (STEA4000400) 879 yuan
The new Ruiyi is a new mobile hard drive launched by Seagate in 2015. The STEA4000400 is a 4TB capacity model with a 2.5-inch size, a thickness of 20.9mm and a weight of 170g. The surface is matte matte texture, diamond pattern. USB 3.0 interface, warranty for 3 years.
Telling the truth, the real thing received a slight disappointment, the feeling is slightly thicker and slightly heavier, and the texture is relatively poor, the plastic is full of cheap feeling.
Second, Western Digital (WD) My Passport 2TB 2.5 inches China Red
This used a 500 yuan gift card, the actual 519 yuan to start. Of course, it is not a good price, it is a good price within 500, but it can only be hard if it is needed. After this, it actually feels lower than expected, and it is also full of plastic texture, and the thickness is touching.
Many people will talk about the thinness of the mobile hard disk, the texture and so on. The attributes are indifferent, so the shock resistance, noise, stability, and security are the key points. Yes, you see what you say is right. But the landlord still has a little bit of control? This official map is still very good looking, more design, color has a choice, more beautiful, but the official map is always infinite beauty, you know.
Western Digital (WD) My Passport 2TB 2.5-inch China Red Mobile Hard Drive WDBYFT0020BRD-CESN599
Western Digital's 2016 My Passport mobile hard drive is a slim design. Support intelligent backup, the product has WD's automatic backup system and corresponding software, password protection and hardware encryption, support USB3.0 and backward compatible with 2.0, and the surface is also mirror design. As an upgraded version of the 2015 Ultra, comments from foreign users reflect that the new transmission speed fluctuates between 31 and 68MB/s.
But in my opinion, WD's reliability index is still stronger than Seagate.
The inner packaging is slightly rough.
The physical map is really full of plastic, and both the size and thickness of the 2T disc are touching. There will be a comparison chart later.
Third, Seagate Ultra slim 2TB original data recovery service Ultra-thin 9.6mm USB3.0 2.5-inch mobile hard disk
In fact, the one I want to buy at the beginning is this one, because the appearance looks more like (although I really don’t stare at it, it shows the stupidity of the landlord), and the most attractive thing is that the incidental Original data recovery service."
So what is this? In a simple summary, if the data is damaged during the 2-year warranty period after purchase, you will be able to enjoy the free express delivery to the original professional lab of Seagate to recover the data in the hard disk.
Um? I also said above. According to my experience, none of the broken Seagate mobile hard drives have been in existence for 2 years (of course, there are more than 2 years still in good service), then can you conclude that If this Seagate is going to be bad, then it will be bad in 2 years?
I understand this service as a broken screen saver for mobile phones such as Xiaomi mix and Samsung S7E. In the meantime, there must be a huge chance of breaking the screen during the insurance period, so this broken screen is very necessary.
After some common friends commented that a certain mobile hard disk garbage, bad fast, broken and spent several times the price of the hard disk to recover data, then if your data is really important, you can not afford to lose, then why not buy this ? At least within two years, there is still a guarantee. I am not afraid of 10,000.
I figured out the truth, but why didn't the stupid landlord buy this first time? Because the price is really expensive for 100 pieces (relative to the Western Digital 2TB), it is still a bit unwilling, until the trumpet also opened a PLUS member (in fact, it should have been opened earlier, less than a few pieces of force to the collar To), there is a 600-150 full-price voucher, which is used to buy this.
In the end, the 499 started, in fact, it took 40 more pieces. When the order was placed, the full reduction activity was over.
Seagate Ultra slim 2TB original data recovery service Ultra-thin 9.6mm USB3.0 2.5-inch mobile hard disk Haoyue silver (STEH2000300) 689 yuan
This should be very self-confident in appearance, and opened a small window to show the inner beauty.
Telling the truth, I am still very satisfied after receiving it. The real thing is actually more textured than the official figure. The front is made of metal material, matte silver, tortoise shell and three-dimensional texture.
Although the back is made of plastic, the design of the letter S is quite beautiful.
The main event came, the three hard drives came together in a row, compared to the thickness, actually the thickest WD2T! The thickness of the Seagate 2T is even less than one-half of the Western Digital.
What is the texture, I am afraid that the goods are better than the goods, put together at a glance.
Look good, although more expensive, but use it with peace of mind, at least for 2 years. Just pay for insurance?