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Seagate 1.5T hard drive does not recognize the head failure data recovery success case
      Media information: Seagate hard drive, capacity: 1.5TB, model: ST31500341AS
      Fault description:
      The customer's hard disk cannot be identified. By detecting the hard disk, it cannot be recognized by the device. The data recovery engineer initially judges that the hard disk head is damaged. You need to find a spare spare disk to open the disk replacement component.
      Data recovery process:
      After communicating with the customer, the engineer opened the hard disk in the data recovery level 100 clean room and replaced the spare parts with the magnetic head assembly. After receiving the professional data recovery equipment, after the manual operation and repair of the engineer, all the parameters of the hard disk are recognized normally, and then the data recovery device will be used to mirror the whole disk. After ten hours of recovery time, the data recovery is completed.
      Data recovery results: 100% success in data recovery
      Advice to customers:
      Always use the hard disk process to do a good job of data backup. When the hard disk is damaged, do not try to power on repeatedly, so as to avoid scratching the hard disk platter, and find a professional data recovery company to do data recovery, so as to avoid a huge loss of permanent data loss.
Is a 1.5TB hard drive suitable for several zones? How many GB is appropriate for each zone, I am still a system of xp?
If it is a home plus game:
C: (system) 15G, used to install the system; (If you want to install WIN7, then the (C:) disk is best expanded to 50G, correspondingly reduce (I:) disk capacity.)
D: (cache) 15G, used to store temporary (TEMP) files and page cache; (This is an important partition: otherwise your system will slow down very quickly.)
E: (document) 30G, for "My Documents", you can also put pictures, etc. (If XP, many game archive files should be placed in "My Documents", if it is WIN7, put " User" folder.)
F: (file) 400G, used to store downloaded files, including downloaded games, etc.;
G: (game) 500G, the game is installed in this disk;
H: (Audio) 300G, used to store downloaded movies or cache files of various network audio and video playback software;
I: (backup) X G, important things are placed here.
The purpose of this partition is to allow your computer to clearly reflect your needs, allowing you to store files purposefully, so that you can find more efficiently after too many files.
It is recommended not to install dual systems, especially those who are not familiar with computers.
How to use PQ to give 1.5TB hard disk partition diagram
Recommended, use the tutorial as follows:
PowerQuest Partition Magic is a veteran hard disk partition management tool. Partition Magic can be said to be the best in the current hard disk partition management tool. Its biggest feature is to allow the hard disk to be re-partitioned, partition formatted, and copied, moved, format converted and changed without losing the original data in the hard disk. Partition size, hidden hard disk partitions, and multiple operating system boot settings.
The only shortcoming of Partition Magic is that the interface is in English. The various settings and operations are very professional. The average user often has a "use" heart and no "use", fearing that it is completely ruined.
In fact, Partition Magic's system operation security is very strong, because Partition Magic will prompt to create a rescue disk to save the system files during installation. Once the operation is interrupted during the use of Partition Magic, you can run the recovery program in the rescue disk. To correct the error and recover the loss.
However, I still hope that there is no misunderstanding. After all, I am not afraid of 10,000. I am afraid of it, so I will introduce the use of Partition Magic here, so that everyone can use this excellent hard disk partition management software with confidence.
First, the system is installed
Partition Magic 4.01 installation has a few points to pay attention to, it is to say.
After running the setup program Setup.exe to type the serial number and accept the software agreement, a very unique interface will appear immediately: the protocol accepts the confirmation interface, and you want to install the software through the software installation. This "acceptance confirmation" is indeed the first time. To. At first, I thought that I was entering the serial number again here. Unexpectedly, I tried to give an error. I was shocked and looked at it. Oh, it was very simple. Just type "YES" in the dialog box. That's it - PowerQuest actually came up with this kind of protocol confirmation method, admire it - strange!
In the installation selection, generally choose a typical installation, if you think it is a master, you can also choose a custom installation, enter the version selection interface, generally no one will choose Partition Magic For Dos again? In addition, the Details button can further select Partition Magic's component selection interface. There are five components of Partition Magic: Partition Magic, DriveMapper, MagicMove, PartitionInfo, PQ Boot. No matter what you don't need now, let's put it up first, anyway, this hard disk space is still enough.
Let's go to the dialog box for selecting Rescue and Help Floppy. Although you can skip this operation, this is not a wise move. "Often by the river, is there a wet shoe?" If you are not careful, regret it too late! So the leaves strongly urge you not to be lazy when installing Partition Magic, click "Next" by default - make a rescue disk.
When making a rescue disk, you need to prepare two 1.44 megabyte floppy disks, one for the rescue disk and one for the help disk. However, after completing the rescue disk and marking the “Partition Magic First Aid Disk”, be careful not to slap the write protection of the floppy disk, because the program needs to write the disk when recovering. The help disk can also be left untouched.
Ok, make a rescue disk, everything is OK, go see the Partition Magic look.