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Samsung memory card recovery,recover data from sandisk memor
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Samsung memory card memory card can not be read how to do
        Samsung memory card features: waterproof, anti-magnetic, anti-shock, anti-extreme temperature, Samsung's Micro SD card and SD card are characterized by high-quality NAND flash memory, support UHS-I interface (upgrade version and professional version), super fast With a read speed of up to 70MB/s and a write speed of up to 20MB/s, it is ideal for high-end smartphones, digital cameras, camcorders and tablet users, allowing for maximum resolution photos and 3D video. However, when we encounter that the Samsung memory card is not working properly and cannot read the data, what should I do?
[First we will use a relatively simple solution]:
        1. The SD card and card slot interface are not clean. Check if the metal area of ​​the SD card is dim or spotted. If it is, use alcohol or water to clean it and blow it dry.
        2, the card slot extrusion deformation. If it is checked that the SD card is deformed and the SD card cannot be used normally, try replacing the original battery.
        3. The virus in the SD card. If the SD card is poisoned, it may not be able to read normally. Solution: Use a card reader to connect to the computer, use anti-virus software to clean up, if still can not be resolved, format the SD card.
        4. Connect to the computer with a card reader and see if the drive letter capacity is good.
  5, if it is not good, you can try another computer or card reader. If it is still not good, it may be that the card has a problem and has nothing to do with the machine.
        6. Use the device. For another card that is better, try it and see if it still shows this problem. If still, there is no problem with the certificate card, only the machine settings or somewhere damaged, need to be repaired or otherwise.
    [Data recovery work]:
     If the above method is not working well, then we have to prepare for formatting the Samsung memory card, so here we should try to recover the data, first use the data recovery software:
             With this memory card repair tool, Samsung memory card does not have to worry about the loss of data even if it is not available.
        Attach another data recovery software data recovery wizard: for data loss caused by SD card logic failure, for example, file deletion, misformatting, SD card can not be read (can not open prompt formatting, etc.).
After the data is restored, we can toss and repair the sd card operation. Of course, if you can't recover it, there is no way to go straight to the next step.
        [Repair SD card]:
          1: Connect the SD card to the computer with a card reader. The prompt needs to be formatted. Of course, you can't format it. We choose to cancel the format. Click on the "Start Menu" - "Run" on the computer - then enter chkdsk G: / F where G is your mobile drive location, modified according to the specific mobile drive letter. Click OK to start the repair. After copying your data to your computer for backup, then formatting your memory card is complete.
       2. If the above method does not solve the problem that the Samsung memory card cannot read, you can format the Samsung memory card. If the SD card is used in a computer, it will be formatted on the computer (it is best to use a card reader to connect the SD card and the computer). If it is used for a mobile phone, it will be formatted on the mobile phone to avoid the problem that the SD card and the device are incompatible.
       3. Download an SD card detection tool MyDiskTest to check whether the SD card is genuine or not. Excluding the possibility of expanding the card or fake card. At the same time, My Disk Test can also detect whether the FLASH flash memory has bad blocks and whether it uses black chips, thus effectively protecting the original data of the disk. The reading and writing speed of the memory card, the aging test and the stability test of the storage product.
      4, then download "memory cartoon U disk formatting tool UFormat". After downloading the tool, unzip UFormat, the U disk system startup tool. After opening ------ (click) boot processing ---- (click) start ------ (to <my computer> pop up U disk) - then open the U disk, then plug in U disk - Finally, use xp's cell test to test the success in FAT32 and NTFS in winxp!
      5, the above has not been resolved, you can try to download diskgenius, use it to format. In the process of use, there is no safe deletion and it is directly pulled out. After inserting into the computer, it will become a prompt formatted "/"Cannot open normally" / "Device is not normal" / "0 byte" can not be opened, can also be used It's formatted to see, and if you can find the free professional version, it can also be used to recover data, the recovery function is very powerful.
     6. Download USBOOT. After the download is complete, connect the bad Samsung memory card to your computer and run usboot. Select the Samsung memory card to be reset, select the working mode, and reset the parameters with 0. Once the parameters are set, click Start and the Samsung memory card will be fixed. After the repair is completed, press the memory card again to format it. If the format is unsuccessful, you can use 0 to reset the parameters and then use 1 to reset the parameters. Click Start. After you finish, unplug the memory card again. Insert it again, you must first format it quickly, and then format it.
     7. Hard fault: Due to the sudden pull-out, the voltage instability may cause the fine element to be damaged or the chip to burn. Crystal arc welding and other U disk problems caused by the failure of the problem, this time there is no way to find a manufacturer to change one.
     Summary: The above are some solutions when the Samsung memory card is not working properly. I hope that you can repair your Samsung memory card through various software steps. If you have a better method, please share the message below.
     Finally, attach the method to extend the life of the Samsung memory card:
     We have to do the following: Do not remove the SD card that is being used;
     Be careful of high temperatures, wet water and oil;
     Use more card readers;
     Handle formatting and delete photos with care;
     Pay attention to editing files directly on the card;