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Kingston memory card recovery,recover data from sandisk memo
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Kingston memory card is Kingston's product of the world's largest memory manufacturer. Since its entry into the Chinese market, Kingston memory products have won the hearts of many Chinese consumers with excellent product quality and first-class Kingston memory after-sales service.
About Kingston Kingston Technology, a global memory leader, was founded in 1987. From the beginning of the single product producer, Kingston has grown to more than 2,000 storage products, supporting computers, servers and printers to almost all devices that use storage products, such as MP3 players, digital cameras and mobile phones. In 2007, the company's annual revenue exceeded $4.5 billion. The creation of Kingston Technology stems from the high-tech market in the 1980s when there was an extreme shortage of surface-mounting and storage chips. Kingston's founders Du Jichuan and Sun David are determined to find a solution to this problem. They eventually designed and produced a new technology for components using plug-in packaging technology - the Independent Memory Module Strip (SIMM). So on October 17, 1987, Kingston Technology was established, and a new industry standard was born. In 1988, Kingston's patent for a single in-line memory module (SIMM) enabled memory expansion in computer systems.
Memory is the main component of the computer, it is relative to the external memory. The programs we usually use, such as Windows98 system, typing software, game software, etc., are generally installed on the external storage of the hard disk, but only this Can not use its function, you must put them into memory to run, in order to really use its function, we usually enter a paragraph of text, or play a game, in fact, all in memory. Usually we have to save permanently, A large amount of data is stored on external storage, and some temporary or small amounts of data and programs are placed in memory.
Kingston memory is still a lot of memory brands in the market. Kingston memory has always been the highest-volume memory product in the market. The brand has good memory compatibility, good reputation and high cost performance.
Kingston 2G DDR3 1333 (Kingston 2G DDR3 1333) Memory capacity: 2GB Memory frequency: 1333MHz Memory transfer type: DDRIII Transfer standard: PC3 10600 Kingston 2G DDR2 800 (Kingston 2G DDR2 800) Memory capacity: 2GB Memory frequency: 800MHz Memory transfer Type: DDRII Interface Type: 240Pin Kingston 2G DDR3 1333 (Kingston 2G DDR3 1333) Memory Capacity: 2GB Memory Frequency: 1333MHz Memory Transfer Type: DDRIII Transmission Standard: PC3 10600 Kingston 2G DDR3 1066 (KVR1066D3N7/(Kingston 2G DDR3 1066 (KVR1066D3N7) /2G) Memory capacity: 2GB Memory frequency: 1066MHz Memory transfer type: DDRIII Applicable type: Desktop
Kingston is the boss of the memory industry. Kingston memory is also the designated memory of HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell and other companies.
Kingston memory card data recovery
Data recovery master
    The Kingston memory card is used by general users. What happens when it is damaged or formatted sd card, causing data loss? Kingston memory card data recovery is actually very simple, that is, memory card data recovery, only professional data recovery software is required, the data recovery master has this function.
    Select the "U disk / memory card" function on the data recovery master software;
    Select the Kingston memory card that needs to recover data, click Next;
    Select the type of data to be restored. If there is more data to be restored, the default is all selected.
    After waiting for the scan to finish, find the data to be recovered in the scanned result, and check it back to the computer.
    Note that the software can pause the interrupt scan at any time while scanning; the scanned file will usually be renamed, so you need to find the content you want to restore according to the preview content, so you can click the preview mode when scanning. You can also refer to the related article "Mobile phone memory card sd card data recovery"!
    With the content of the appeal, the Kingston memory card data can be easily restored!
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