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Sony memory card recovery,recover data from Sony memory card
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Data recovery is a professional Sony memory card data recovery tool that can recover data in only 3 steps, support sd card, camera and USB stick and other memory stick devices, can recover lost photos, songs, videos, movies and Exclusive features of other multimedia files. In addition, it can perform secure optical media recovery to save all seemingly lost files, severely damaged or incorrect discs.
 Fast scan and recovery speed: One of the biggest advantages of the software is its recovery speed. When you use Data recovery Pro for recovery, the scanning and recovery process takes only a few minutes. With just a few mouse clicks, everything is fine. Support for all devices: Devices that can store images may include: camera, SD card, mobile phone, memory card, USB, PC, Mac, MP3, computer hard drive and external hard drive. Support for all file formats: In addition to image formats, Data recovery Pro supports other file formats: audio files, video files, emails, documents, archives, and more.
Support for almost all file systems: file systems such as FAT, CramFS, JFS, Linux, RAID 4, RAID 6, NTFS, XFS, BeFS, BSD disk tags, HFS, RAID 1, RAID 5, LVM, etc.
Support for smart device error messages: Some common error messages in data loss, such as format errors, file errors, write errors, read errors, memory card errors, SD card errors, corrupted data errors. Due to these errors, we lost some precious photos.
Original Recovery: The software supports over 100 different file types. Use the advanced original recovery features included in the software to recover lost or deleted files based on file signatures.
M2 card
Future Sony phones will generally adopt this new type of memory card. The first thing to try is Sony Ericsson's M600.
The M2 card will be used primarily on mobile phones, but it can also be used in other products such as Sony digital cameras through the M2 adapter.
Chinese name m2 card development company Sony and SanDisk time to market March 2006 Support Technology Sony Magicgate encryption technology
The M2 card is a new memory card Memory Stick Micro (M2) jointly launched by Sony and SanDisk, which was launched in March 2006.
 This M2 card is designed with ultra-small circuit design and is designed for large-capacity and small-volume mobile storage. It weighs only 16 grams and has a size of only 15×12.5×1.2mm. It is about one-fourth the size of the Memory Stick Pro Duo. M2 card capacity is divided into five types: 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2G and 4G. The first two are listed in March 2006, the third is listed in May, and the latter two are listed in 2007. SanDisk will also begin selling M2 cards in the second half of the year.
 This new type of memory card will be widely used in future Sony phones, first Sony Ericsson's M600. The M2 card will be used primarily on mobile phones, but it can also be used in other products such as Sony digital cameras through the M2 adapter.
Includes Memory Stick PRO Duo adapter for universal compatibility with M2 slots and Memory Stick PRO Duo slots.
Dual voltage operation; new Sony Ericsson mobile phone is 1.8v, Memory Stick PRO Duo compatible device is 3.3v
Controlled pop-up design for easy removal
Support Sony Magicgate encryption technology
8G and 16G cards are now available