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Transcend memory card recovery,recover data from Transcend m
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Transcend memory card formatted data recovery method
Transcend memory card is a storage device commonly used in our lives. Although the rise of smartphone manufacturers is now moving toward all-in-ones, the standard version of mobile phone memory is generally low, and the memory with high memory is relatively low cost, so we will choose A Transcend memory card is used to expand our phone's memory, but Transcend memory card often has various data loss problems in the phone. People often mistakenly delete files in Transcend memory card, or mistakenly format Transcend memory card, or Clean up the junk tool to clean up the data in the Transcend memory card as a junk file. What should I do with these problems? Here are the specific ways to restore.
If the important files have been backed up, you can restore the backup directly, but if the file has not been sent and the backup is deleted, you need to restore the software to restore the contents of the Transcend memory card. The professional recovery soft armor used by Xiaobian is the top recuva recovery software, a professional data recovery software that will not cause secondary damage to the data. The method of use is very simple: first, download and install the top data recovery software on your computer, and ensure that the Transcend memory card is properly connected to the computer.
Compatible with a variety of devices, support the recovery of lost data in a variety of situations, the recovery is very good. During the recovery process, the top recuva recovery software will not cause any damage to the device data.
1. Turn on the computer, insert the Transcend memory card into the host, refresh the interface on my computer, and display the Transcend memory card.
2, open the downloaded top recuva recovery software, if not installed, you can not download and install in Baidu or other browsers.
3. Select “U disk phone camera card recovery”, then select the disk you want to restore, click Next, then the software will scan the file, and everyone will wait patiently for the scan to complete.
4, from the recovery results interface, select the file you want to restore for recovery, and then choose to restore the location of the file storage, so that the damaged file is recovered.
The above is to introduce you to the Transcend memory card formatted data recovery method, you can try to operate it yourself. Basically, after a few operations, you can fully grasp it. Simple and convenient, try it out.
Company Profile In the summer of 1988, Mr. Shu Chongwan, in his early thirties, started his entrepreneurial career with an engineer. Without the support of a large consortium, he realized that if he wanted to survive in this highly competitive computer information industry, he would have to take a different path. After the hardships and tests in the early days of the grassroots, we finally achieved a steady and leap-forward growth. Today, Transcend has become a multinational company with 14 overseas subsidiaries and more than 2,400 employees worldwide. Investing a large amount of research and development funds and manpower, Transcend has established a complete product line, the main products are all kinds of flash memory cards, U disk, external hard disk, solid state disk, memory module group, multimedia products, card reader, digital peripheral products and industrial control Products, more than 2,000 products can support all electronic products. With a small variety of niche markets and a successful high-quality image of its own brand “Transcend”, Transcend has effectively accumulated more than 5,000 loyal customers worldwide, and can combine high profits with high growth, making Transcend the only one in Taiwan. A special type of memory card manufacturer and one of the top three in the world.
In order to expand the international market, Mr. Shu Chongwan founded his first overseas subsidiary in Los Angeles in 1990 as a stronghold to expand the American market. Then, Transcend has successively established subsidiaries in Hamburg, Germany (1992), Rotterdam (1996), Tokyo (1997), Hong Kong (2000), Beijing (2000), Shanghai (2001), Shenzhen (2005) and major cities in China. The cities have successively established marketing bases and worked closely with distribution partners in various places to establish a dense marketing network with more than one hundred products. Constant innovation and self-transcendence are the goals of Transcend's eternal struggle.
After 25 years of development, Transcend invested a large amount of research and development funds and manpower, and established a complete product line. The main products are various flash memory cards, U disk, external hard disk, solid state hard disk, memory module group, multimedia products, and reading. Cards, digital peripheral products and industrial control products, more than 2,000 products can support all electronic products, to meet the customer's "one-time purchase" needs.
Transcend has accumulated more than 10 years of experience and high-quality scientific and technological talents, R & D team and market trends are also step by step, and constantly introduce new products in line with consumer demand. In response to the trend of digital entertainment devices, in addition to the original high-quality memory and Flash products, Transcend has added a new line of portable hard disk products and multimedia products, including a variety of consumer electronics products, including StoreJet1.8" Products such as PhotoBank and Digital Album have been recognized by many professional computer magazines and awards around the world.
Complete product line:
• Memory products
Special memory: Server-specific, workstation-specific, printer-specific, router-specific.
Standard memory: for desktop computers, for notebook computers
• Digital flash card
• U disk
USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players
• Peripheral products
Card reader, riser card
• Storage device
• Multimedia products
• Image drawing card