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Dane-Elec memory card recovery,recover data from Dane-Elec m
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Dane-Elec is a French manufacturer of computer memory chips and storage products.
It has been in the manufacturing plant Spiddal, County Galway, Ireland since 1996 and a large number of unemployed emerged in December 2010. In 2012, Dane-Elec filed for bankruptcy protection. In 2013, it was acquired by Taiwan's flash memory manufacturer Gigastone Corporation (a majority stake). Dane-Elec USA remains a subsidiary of Gigastone; however, the Dane-Elec brand has been replaced by the Dane brand.
Dane-Elec memory card recovery data recovery is software that recovers files permanently deleted from storage devices such as sd cards. Since file systems such as NTFS and FAT do not immediately clear all the contents of the file from the storage device when the file is deleted, some tools can be used to recover these files.
DANE-ELEC MEMORY CARD RECOVERY DATA RECOVERY Foreign name SD card data recovery software Software name Dane-Elec memory card recovery data recovery Software license Share version Software size 1420KB
Dane-Elec memory card recovery data recovery function is very powerful, support MMC mobile phone memory card, SD mobile phone memory card, TF mobile phone memory card, M2 mobile phone memory card, Mini SD, MS, Sony memory stick and other common memory card data recovery . The file can be recovered due to accidental deletion or misformatting on the memory card, or even the memory card prompt is not formatted. The software can be restored as long as it can be connected to the computer.
The software also has a feature that is very easy to use, the software is equipped with detailed video tutorials, the software help documentation is also very perfect, as long as you click the mouse, without other complicated operations, you can quickly get from the memory card, U disk, hard disk Restore the files you want. The memory card data recovery software recovers the mistakenly deleted, formatted, and completely deleted files as well as the An Easy data recovery software, which is very powerful.
Main function editing
1. Dane-Elec memory card recovery data recovery is a powerful data recovery software that provides low-level recovery. As long as the data is not completely covered, the file can be found. Please install this data recovery software to On an idle disk, do not write new data to the partition that needs to be restored before restoring.
2, Dane-Elec memory card recovery data recovery can restore the original directory structure, even if the partition type changes, you can directly scan the original partition directory, no need to return the partition to the original type; for partition loss or repartition, you can The original partition is obtained by quick scan and the original directory structure is listed. The speed is very fast. Generally, the original directory structure can be seen in a few minutes. For the recovery of Ghost destruction, the data that is not covered can be restored back; If you don't open or prompt formatting, you can quickly list the directories and save a lot of scanning time. The scanned data can distinguish the deleted files from other missing files, so that you can find the data you need to recover accurately.
3, support for the recovery of various storage media, including IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI / USB.
4, support no partition recovery, physically load the entire hard disk, do volume analysis, format data recovery software automatically based on the residual file information on the hard disk to create FAT32, NTFS partition, according to the original directory structure classification file.