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Canon camera accidentally deleted photos how to recover
Canon cameras have always been known for their durability, high efficiency and high image quality. They have a reputation in the field of cameras. I believe many people are loyal fans of Canon. But no matter how good its quality, how high-definition photos are, we can't avoid human error. This is not a small editor often asked questions like this: How can Canon's camera accidentally delete photos? Is there a way to recover? No need to worry, Xiaobian today announced the method of Canon camera photo recovery.
In fact, regarding camera photo recovery, you only need to master the Canon memory card data recovery software. Let's learn the specific operations together.
Download the free version of Canon memory card, install and run, follow the prompts.
Canon camera accidentally deleted photos how to recover
It is very important to use the Canon memory card software for Canon camera photo recovery. It is necessary to find out where the photo was deleted before it was deleted. There is no doubt that the camera memory card data is restored. Because the software is a pure wizard-style operation, so just refer to the Canon memory card tutorial: how to recover the camera photos by mistake, after waiting patiently for the scan results, the previously deleted photos can be restored.
There are many types of main memory cards, mainly compact flash cards (CF cards - compact flash), smart cards (SM card - smart media) and memory sticks (MS card - Memory Stick), xD image cards, and multimedia cards (MMC). Cards - MultiMedia Card and Secure Digital Cards (SD Card - Secure Digital). Here we introduce one by one: 1. CF card CF card is the earliest introduced memory card, which is also the memory card that everyone prefers. There are many reasons why CF cards have become popular. One of the more important ones is that they are inexpensive. Compared with other digital memory cards, the storage cost of the CF card unit capacity is almost the lowest, the speed is relatively fast, and the large-capacity CF card is relatively easy to buy. The CF card that we can contact is divided into CF Type I/CF Type II. Since the slot of the CF memory card can be backward compatible, the Type II slot can use both the CF Type II card and the CF Type I card; while the Type I slot can only use the CF Type I card instead of the CF Type II. Cards, friends must pay attention when purchasing and using. 2. SD card SD card is small in size and widely used in digital cameras. It is a brand new memory card product jointly developed by Matsushita, Toshiba and SanDisk of Japan. The biggest feature is to ensure data through encryption. Security and confidentiality. The SD card is identical in appearance to the MultiMedia Card and is compatible with the MMC card interface specification. Note, however, that on some products, such as mobile phones, SD cards and MMS cards are not compatible. The SD card is higher in price than the MultiMedia Card of the same capacity. 3. MS card Five years ago, Sony produced its own flash memory card, which is a memory stick. It is applied to Sony's digital products, handheld computers, MP3, digital cameras, digital video cameras and other digital devices. Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick DUO derived from Memory Stick are also products of Sony memory sticks to high capacity and small size. 4.SM card The SM card was first introduced by Toshiba. It only encapsulates the memory chip and does not contain control circuitry. All read and write operations depend on the device that uses it. Although it can be made thin because of its simple structure, it is superior to CF card in portability, but its poor compatibility is a fatal injury. Once an SM card is used on an MP3 player, the digital camera may not be able to read or write. Its market performance has been in the doldrums, and there will be no more new equipment to support it. 5.MMC Card The MMC card was jointly launched by Sandisk and Siemens in 1997. It also spreads the light of the SD card. The SD card standard introduced later retains the compatibility of the device with the MMC card, which means that although the device using the MMC card cannot use the SD card, the device using the SD card can use the MMC card without any hindrance, at some time MMC has successfully become a replacement for SD cards. The size of the MMC card is basically the same as that of the SD card, which is a little thinner than the SD card, but it is still strong in SD. Therefore the price is also cheaper than MMC. 6.xD Image Card The xD image card is a memory card product that has been developed following the above several types of memory cards. It is a product successfully developed by Fujifilm and Olympus Optical Industries for the follow-up products of the SM card. It features a smaller size and a larger capacity. The xD graphics card is designed to be as large as a stamp, and the future image storage capacity is as high as 8GB. The use of memory cards What kind of memory cards are used in general products is also related to the company's cooperation policy. For example, some products only support the memory cards of their own companies, like Sony and PanaSonic; some products support multiple types of memory cards, which are more convenient for users and more popular among users. However, there is a certain direction. Let's talk about it comprehensively: Digital camera: 1. Sony's digital camera does not need to use its own memory card Memory Stick or Memory Stick PRO, of course, no objection; 2. Panasonic digital camera Also use the SD card; 3. Canon used a relatively cheap CF card, but slowly also close to the small size SD card; 4. Before the xD card did not come out, Olympus and Fuji's digital camera is The SM card is used as the memory card. However, after Olympus and Fuji cooperated to develop the xD card, there is no doubt that the SM card with a promising future is abandoned. The xD card is naturally its storage medium. 5. Konica Minolta began to merge last year. Before the merger, Konica's digital camera was designed with MS/SD/MMC dual-slot. Minolta used SD/MMC card. After the merger, Konica Minolta's digital cameras use SD/MMC cards as storage media. 6. Samsung is a relatively follow-up digital camera manufacturer, so it does not have a clear orientation for the memory card, there are support for SD / MS, but also support CF / SD. 7. As for other big manufacturers, such as Kodak, Pentax, Casio and other brands are using SD card as a medium, they will not explain them one by one, because the basic direction is toward convenient and light development, naturally SD card is the main one. . PDA: 1. Sony's PDA still uses its own memory card Memory Stick or Memory Stick PRO. 2. HP, DELL, PALMONE and other brands are mainly SD card as the main storage medium, but also SD / CF dual card design. 3. Asus, ACER, Toshiba and other brands also use CF as the main storage medium, and also have SD/CF dual card design. As can be seen from the memory card classification of the above products, SD is the most popular and has the greatest potential. Buying a common memory card When we have a digital product, we may start to worry about its scalability and capacity. Choosing a good memory card is also difficult to say. It is easy and difficult to understand the current market. Memory card price and brand and quality, we need to work hard, let me go to give you a pioneering way to help everyone sweep the market: 1. CF card: CF card was first developed by Sandisk in 1994, Today, CF cards are branded, and there are many choices. The main ones are SanDisk, EagleTec, Kingston, Kingmax, etc., and the price is mainly the mainstream 128MB price of 180 yuan, 256MB price of 280 yuan, 512MB price of 500 yuan. This is the price reference for ordinary cards. 2. SD card: SD card, originally launched by Toshiba and Panasonic, SD card introduced the data security mechanism, it will be transferred to the flash memory device, the data encryption and storage, help protect data security and knowledge property. Nowadays, it is still relatively rare to buy Panasonic's original SD card. Because of its high price, there are many brands to choose from. The main brands of SD cards in the market are SanDisk, Apacer, LEXAR, etc. The general mainstream 128MB price is 195 yuan, the 256MB price is 330 yuan, and the 512MB price is 560 yuan. This is the price reference of ordinary cards. 3. MS card: The MS card was started by Sony in late 1999. The main users are users of Sony products. Although they are mainly Sony users, the user base is quite large. Now the main brands are apacer, LEXAR, Sony, etc., the general mainstream 128MB price of 300 yuan, 256MB price of 600 yuan, this is the price reference of ordinary cards. 4.xD card: In June 2002, Japan Olympus Co., Ltd. and Fujifilm Co., Ltd. jointly launched xD image cards, mainly for digital cameras of the two companies. Now the main brands are only Olympus and Fujifilm, the price is relatively expensive, 128MB price of 340 yuan, 256MB price of 680 yuan. 5.MMC card: MMC card and SD card are similar, the main brand is similar to SD card, 128MB price is 160 yuan, 256MB price is 260 yuan, the price is cheaper than SD card. 6.SM card: As for the SM card, since the basic products are not used, they are out of stock.