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Olympus OLYMPUS camera photo retrieval
After the photo is deleted, do not save new photos inside to avoid overwriting the photos you want to restore. If there is a cloud backup, you can directly restore the photos. If there is no backup, you can use the following method to recover. The steps are as follows:
1. Connect the camera card to your computer.
2. Start olympus memory card recovery software, users will be able to see the basic interface of the entire software. The user can select "U disk phone camera card recovery" to proceed to the next step.
3. Select the directory where the file is missing.
4. Enter the data scanning phase.
5. Preview the restored photo data after the scan is complete, select the photo to be restored, and check the box to click Next.
6. Click Browse to select a disk to hold the photos you want to restore, then click Next. (The location of the storage should be different from the location of the recovery file to avoid being overwritten)
7. Wait for a moment and the photo will be restored.
Don't be afraid to delete photos by mistake.
Today, Xiaobian talks about the problems related to memory cards. Last time in the classroom, "The photographers were thousands of questions." Some students asked me what to do if the memory card was deleted accidentally or could not be read, which caused the author to write this article.
Basic knowledge
Most of the memory cards are composed of Flash Memory. Flash Memory can be SLC and MLC according to its principle. The detailed difference between the two is not discussed in this article. In short, SLC has fast speed and reliability. The advantages of high, long life, etc., but the problem is that the current price is high, much higher than MLC, and MLC is catching up with SLC in terms of speed and reliability under the current technical support. Most of the memory cards that are currently available or bought on the market are MLC. It is not easy to buy SLC. If you are interested in using SLC memory cards with high reliability and speed, you can check them out by Google yourself, but I believe that most of them will return home after seeing the terrible price.
In view of the above reasons, the author generally has little trust in Flash Memory, and I have had several situations during the shooting in recent years, so I always have to go home and save as a backup.
Card reader selection
Don't think that the card reader can be bought without chaos. Except for the difference in appearance and readable card type, the read/write speed and stability of different card readers sometimes vary greatly, but the manufacturer will not tell you. How to choose? You can look at the control chip used, like the GL826 which was very good before. Basically, the performance of the GL826 card readers is good. If you are interested, you can check it again.
In addition, the author is not very recommended to buy a strange card reader, try to buy a bigger brand, in the past I have had an unpleasant experience in the card reader to hang the memory card. . . Just whether to buy alone or buy a couple of ones? Look at the demand. At the same time, since the focus of this article is not on testing the card reader, this paragraph is up to date.
Precautions when problems occur
Regardless of the problem, the following points need to be noted:
1. Do not write any more to the memory card! ! ! For example, shoot or use him.
2. The sooner you go back after a problem, the more chance you will get back.
3. The smaller the file, the better the chance to recover.
Returning to the original "repair" will usually not help you recover the data. Some manufacturers can pay for it or recover it for free. It is necessary to understand before sending it for repair. As far as the author's impression is concerned, Transcend can check the materials to be saved when they are sent for repair, so they will help you recover for free. And Weigang has a recovery service, but I don't know if it charges. Users of the Ridata Memory Card can register to download ( the original recovery software.
Erroneous deletion or damage
If you just accidentally delete the information by mistake, then congratulations, as long as you pay attention to the previous paragraph, the rescue should be said to have full confidence. Because the so-called "delete" action, in the memory card (or hard disk) is actually only marked as "delete" state, so it is best to recover.
At present, many softwares on the market are very effective for the recovery of such accidental deletions. For free software, Undelete Plus ( 2.98 (the latest version becomes a paid version, and the 2.98 version can be used in the software king. Download), it has done a good job in terms of speed and function, and it is small in size. Please refer to the following steps.
After the installation, the following screen will appear. After selecting the partition you want to scan, press Start Scan. The software hard disk can also be used.
After scanning, all the found documents will be listed. The left half will select the document type to help you find the required documents. The right status field is the health of the document. Very Good's recovery is basically no problem, but Overwritten represents already Some of the information has been overwritten, and most of the problems will come back after recovery.
In any case, after selecting the document to be restored and selecting the directory to be output, press Start Undelete, but remember not to write back to the same memory card!
There is another set of free software from Recuva ( which is also very good. This software has a Chinese interface, and the document can be previewed, but the scanning speed is a little slower, but it is also very Easy to use.
 There are a lot of free or paid software, but there are too many softwares.
If it is not accidentally deleted, if the memory card that was used well is suddenly unable to be read, it is normal to confirm whether the card reader works normally. The easiest way is to read the card if the memory card is normal in the camera. If there is a problem with the device, please change the card reader first or try it directly with the camera's data cable.