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32GB memory card recovery,recover data from 32GB memory card
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How big is the 32G memory card?
I bought a bargain 32G memory card, saved more than 20 G movies and then looked down, saved 1G movies to see, how much is this actual memory?
Simple to take the Kingston 32GB memory card, its actual available space is about 31997506240Byte, converted to GB is 29.79GB of space can be used, when checking the capacity is generally displayed as "29.8GB free space".
The actual size of 32G is about 29.8G, the merchant nominal is calculated according to 1GB = 1000MB, and the actual is 1GB = 1024MB, so the actual capacity is smaller than the nominal.
The actual size of 32G is about 29.8G. The nominal size of the merchant is 1GB=1000MB, but the actual size is 1GB=1024MB, so the actual capacity is smaller than the nominal one.
It seems that you did not understand the problem, I should be a expansion card, I guess the actual 5G has not yet
Oh, who knows how big this is, the conscience may be 16G, the conscience may be 8G, 4G or even 2G, the actual specification of the memory card is a multiple of 2, the best case seems to be 16G Up
The capacity of the 32G memory card displayed on the computer and other devices is 32*0.931=29.792G, which is about 29.7G.
32GB memory card data recovery
32GB memory card data recovery is a data recovery on common memory cards such as MMC mobile phone memory card, SD mobile phone memory card, TF mobile phone memory card, M2 mobile phone memory card, Mini SD, MS, Sony memory stick, etc. Camera lost file recovery.
32GB mobile phone memory card data recovery software is an efficient recovery program designed for mobile phone data loss. Through the structure of the underlying parsing file system and the data structure of the sqlite database, the software displays the lost, lost (or deleted) database records in the mobile phone through a certain algorithm in the software. Applicable to memory card formatting, picture deletion in memory card, movie deletion in memory card, accidental deletion of files and other file recovery.
Software introduction editor
The file can be recovered due to accidental deletion or misformatting on the memory card, or even the memory card prompt is not formatted. The software can be restored as long as it can be connected to the computer.
The software also has a feature that is very easy to use, the software is equipped with detailed video tutorials, the software help documentation is also very perfect, as long as you click the mouse, without other complicated operations, you can quickly get from the memory card, U disk, hard disk Restore the files you want.
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