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How to retrieve the deleted items on the Samsung mobile phone SD card?
If the data on the external SD card of the mobile phone is accidentally deleted, the mobile phone cannot be recovered. It is recommended that you use a card reader to connect to your computer and try to recover with some data recovery software.
Retrieve method:
1. Stop using this SD card immediately, don't save any data inside;
2. Connect the SD card to the computer through a card slot.
3, download data recovery software (finaldata, easyrecovery, etc.), find delete recovery, scan SD card;
4. Follow the software prompts to restore the scanned files to your hard drive.
5. Depending on the size of the SD card or the number of previously stored files, the scan and recovery time may be slightly longer, please be patient. The general error recovery recovery rate is very high.
Samsung has been a giant in the global digital camera market. Recently, Samsung announced the release of a new camera, highlighting its superior technology in night shooting. So many precious photos will be stored in the camera, can be viewed, can be modified. However, in the process of operating the camera, it is inevitable that accidental deletion of photos will occur. When this happens, you will definitely want to restore the Samsung camera photos, so how should we recover?
         In fact, the storage and deletion functions of any device are similar to those of a computer hard disk. Those files or photos that seem to be permanently deleted, although we can't find them, but the data is only marked as "free" by the disk space it occupies, and the files are still silent on the disk cluster, once there is new The data will be saved on its path and the file will be overwritten. Therefore, we need to recover the data as soon as possible within this time frame. Once the data is overwritten, it can no longer be recovered.
         To recover accidentally deleted photos from Samsung cameras, you need to use the best recovery Samsung sd card recovery software. It is useless to restore and search based on your own computer.
         First, download and install the software
         First, download and install the software. This software supports recovery of both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can install them on your computer according to the version required for your system installation. You must install according to the software prompts during installation.
Download Samsung sd card recovery software and install it on the official website.
         Second, connect the camera's SD card
         Connect the Samsung camera directly to the computer with a USB cable, or remove the camera's SD card and connect it to the computer with a card reader. Make sure the computer recognizes it as an external drive.
         Third, choose recovery mode
         Run the software after installation. You can see its six recovery modes in standard mode. Select "U disk / memory card".
Select U disk / memory card
         Select the partition of the file to be scanned that was accidentally deleted. Here, select the drive letter that the SD card is recognized by the computer, and then click the "Next" button.
Select SD card
         Fourth, select the file type
         Select the file type of the data you want to recover. Single selection helps reduce the time it takes to scan a document. File types are roughly divided into files, pictures, audio, video, compressed files, etc. in the software. If you are not in the above types, you can choose "Other". Samsung sd card recovery software can recover files of all file types. To restore the photo, here we select "Picture" and then click "Next" to start scanning the file.
Select the type of file to restore
         Five, preview recovery file
         During the scanning process, all scanned files will be displayed in a list. And support preview before recovery. You can preview the photos you want to restore in advance. Here is a small series to help friends recover all photos, tick the path in the left column, and then click the "Restore" button in the lower right corner to resume.
         It is highly recommended not to restore the file to a Samsung camera or Samsung SD card. You can save it on another partition and wait until all files have been restored before moving back.
Preview the files that will be restored
         The above is the whole process of recovering photos from Samsung cameras using Samsung sd card recovery software. Samsung sd card recovery software is very easy to use, not only can recover the accidental deletion of photos of the USB flash drive SD card. Lost files from computer hard drives, memory cards, digital cameras, etc. can be recovered. And support recovery partitions because of formatted or lost, deleted or deleted by the recycle bin, U disk and other external storage devices are deleted by mistake.