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Kingston sd card recovery,recover data from Kingston sd card
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-26 09:17

Kingston sd card data recovery
    Kingston sd card is used by general users, causing damage during use or formatting sd card, resulting in data loss. Kingston sd card data recovery is actually very simple, that is, memory card data recovery, only professional data recovery software is required, Kingston sd card recovery has this function.
    Select the "U disk / memory card" function on Kingston sd card recovery software;
    Select the Kingston sd card that needs to recover the data and click Next;
    Select the type of data to be restored. If there is more data to be restored, the default is all selected.
    After waiting for the scan to finish, find the data to be recovered in the scanned result, and check it back to the computer.
    Note that the software can pause the interrupt scan at any time while scanning; the scanned file will usually be renamed, so you need to find the content you want to restore according to the preview content, so you can click the preview mode when scanning. You can also refer to the related article "Mobile phone memory card sd card data recovery"!
With the content of the appeal, the Kingston sd card data can be easily restored!
Kingston's SD card is broken, can you export the data inside?
Flash Card Kingston Kingston SD Card (2GB)
U disk / digital card / mobile phone card: First of all, to confirm whether the sd card is good, you can use the replacement method to try 1. Connect to the computer with a card reader to see if the capacity of the drive letter is good. 2. If it is not good, you can try another computer or card reader. If it is still not good, it may be that the card has a problem and has nothing to do with the machine. 3. Machine Change the card for another good one, try it, and still show this problem. If still, there is no problem with the certificate card, only the machine settings or somewhere damaged, need to be repaired or otherwise. The card cannot be repaired, and if there is data, the data can be recovered.
U disk / digital card / mobile phone card: "Prompt format", "Cannot open normally", "Device is not normal": This situation is not safely deleted during use, it is directly pulled out, it becomes into the computer Prompt formatting "/" can not be opened normally" / "Device is not normal" / "0 bytes" can not be opened. This situation is divided into two types, due to the sudden pull out of the U disk / digital card / mobile phone card, code Lost FAT damage prompts to insert disk or format. In this case, download a software such as diskgenius formatted on the Internet. If not, find a mass production tool. 2. Hard fault: due to sudden pullout, resulting in voltage Unstable conditions may cause damage to the fine element or burnt the chip. The problem of the U disk itself is caused by the crystal vibration welding. In this case, I suggest you to find a professional data recovery company, or a U disk repair company to try to repair the general recovery. The price is around 200-300. Don't try to remove the shell yourself. If the hard fault needs to be polished, the memory card is extracted and the 3000 recovery. Don't try to avoid the fault. If there is no important data, I will build it. Let's talk about it!
The recommended mobile phone running memory is at least 2GB. At the same time, do not install the game on the SD card by default (this problem occurs with mobile phones with SD card), because of the reading speed of the SD card. If you feel that your phone configuration is no problem, you can delete the game again, go to the official website to download and then update, if you have the best partner to play this game, you can directly test his installation package. The King Glory game is the mobile version of the League of Legends. Whether it is a passionate battle or a routine, it can be realized here.