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PNY sd card can not be read reason PNY sd cardsd card repair [details]
Nowadays, the use of sd cards is very high. Offices often use sd cards to store files or data. The general public also uses sd cards as a relay station to use them to complete pictures, data, video and audio on two devices. Move back and forth between. Therefore, the frequency of use of sd cards is very high now, and the price is also within acceptable limits, so its popularity in the crowd is imaginable. The following small series introduces some methods of PNY sd cardsd card repair.
The PNY sd cardsd card is a representative of the sd card, and the population using the PNY sd cardsd card has a large proportion of the total population using the sd card. And although there are some minor faults in the process of use, the overall quality is still reasonable. In view of the large number of people using PNY sd cardsd cards, here I will mainly focus on the phenomenon that PNY sd cardsd cards cannot be read and recognized, and make a brief summary of the causes and repair methods.
First of all, if the PNY sd cards are unreadable or unrecognizable, the first thing you should think about is whether the sd card itself is covered by some impurities, which prevents it from being read properly. The identification of this situation is very simple, just look at the surface of the sd card to see if it has the presence of other substances that do not belong to it. If this is the case, simply wipe the surface of the sd card with a cloth to restore the original purchase. Then re-insert and read it.
Secondly, if the PNY sd cardsd card is inserted into the phone and cannot be read or recognized, then it is necessary to consider whether there is a problem with the battery or the slot in which the sd card is inserted. If you have not replaced the battery of your mobile phone, then naturally it does not exist because of the battery, which affects its reading status. And if the battery of your mobile phone is not the original battery, it may be because the battery has a certain squeeze on the card slot, which affects its reading. In this case, you can use some tools to gently lift the card slot up.
If it is a problem with the card slot of the mobile phone inserted into the sd card, then generally only to find the maintenance personnel to repair the card slot.
Again, if the PNY sd cardsd card has a virus, it will also cause an abnormal read. In this case, you only need to insert the PNY sd cardsd card into your computer, and then use the anti-virus software on your computer to perform anti-virus operations. You can also directly format the PNY sd cards.
Finally, if the PNY sd cardsd card is broken, it will not be readable on both the computer and the phone. In this case, you only need to re-purchase the sd card.
Method of distinguishing between true and false
The product nameplate of the PNY sd card memory is also a security label. When the line of sight looks directly at the anti-counterfeit mark, the security mark seen on Kingston is rose red (see the figure below), and when the line of sight forms an angle with the label, the label becomes olive green (see above). . Note that the green color of the fake goods is very light. This method is the easiest and most direct anti-counterfeiting method. Because the fake business is reluctant to bear the cost, the card skins used are all high imitation. This can be used to distinguish the true and false card skins.
On the left, Kapi is a high imitation card, but it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. In order to make everyone more understandable, I have attached several pictures. It is not difficult to see the high imitation of Kapi here. Three holes, and the original card in the right picture is two holes, this is the biggest difference, do not believe that the so-called different batches of goods from different merchants, the genuine PNY sd card card is here two holes If you don't believe that you can take the real thing to Suning, Gome store or buy it from Jingdong Mall, if you buy a fake kapi in three holes, then congratulations, you can apply for a holiday and lose three.
Look at the font on the back (see the figure below). The numbers in the circle on the left are relatively thin and false. The number of the circle on the right is bold and true. If you don't believe it, you can send the picture to PNY. Sd card official website to identify, or get the goods to the regular PNY sd card dealer to compare.
brand introduction
Pny Technologies, Inc. was founded in the United States. The name "PNY" is taken from the English words Paris and New York (PARIS and NEW YORK). Since 1985, it has become a global company for 20 years. PNY has been committed to the development and manufacture of storage products. Currently, in addition to the United States, it has several manufacturing plants and R&D institutions in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland and Taiwan. Its products have gained high market share in the US and Europe. At the same time, the PNY brand has also gained a wide reputation in the storage industry.
Company Name US Bianwei Technology Co., Ltd. Foreign Name PNY Technologies, Inc. Headquarters Location United States Business Scope Engaged in memory, multimedia memory card, graphics card, MP3, etc. Company Nature Limited Liability Chinese Abbreviation Bianwei
Mainly engaged in the professional production and sales of memory, multimedia memory cards, graphics cards, MP3 and other products. Provide customers with high quality and full range of computer peripheral memory products, flash memory products and consumer products services. PNY is a leader in the market share of consumer graphics cards and professional graphics cards, and has become an important partner with NVIDIA. Not only is the product selected by Fortune as the top 500 companies, but the full range of memory products ranks among the top three in the US in terms of personal digital computer applications (digital cameras, PDAs, MP3s, mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers). Big lead.
PNY Bienwei has always had a high reputation in the United States. In the US IC and digital products market, PNY has basically maintained its position as the first brand. In 2004, the market share was as high as 46%. PNY and Kingston, the pirate ship and other worlds. Famous memory brands are all in the same name. The reason why many domestic users are unfamiliar with it is because PNY entered the mainland time and soon, on April 12, 2006, PNY memory was officially announced to be listed on the domestic market.
Main product editor
Memory modules: PNY memory modules are certified and tested by Apple, DELL, HP, IBM, and through more than 5000 different desktop/laptop/server and printing systems. PNY insists on providing customers with consistent quality and a full range of products to address different customer needs.
Graphics Card: PNY has more than 20 years of memory production technology coupled with a strong and popular channel market, which provides users with the best quality and service on graphics card products.
The PNY Verto GeForceTM series of graphics cards are available in NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs), a full range of AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) and PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) for players to choose from, providing a full range of desktop users. s solution.
The PNY NVIDIA QuadroTM family of graphics cards is designed for professional users of desktop and mobile platforms. PNY NVIDIA QuadroTM graphics cards include the QuadroTM FX series with high-end graphics and 3D display applications, while the QuadroTM NVS series of graphics cards include 2D application processing, whether you are the designer of the latest models, 3D for the next blockbuster movie Animated artists, or financial professionals, the PNY NVIDIA server graphics card solution delivers unparalleled computing power and performance.
Flash: The PNY flash card family includes CompactFlashTM, MMC plusTM, MMC mobileTM and SecureDigitalTM, miniSDTM, microSDTM cards for your data security and reliability, PNY Attache 'U-series with high-capacity Attache ', and professionals love Executive Attache' With the compact mini Attache' and the network's best-selling waterproof and shockproof Outdoor series, you can quickly and easily store your solution whether you use a digital music player, digital camera, PDA, mobile phone or various mobile storage devices. Program and large memory space.