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Sony sd card data recovery,recover data from Sony sd card
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256MB and above capacity memory card data rescue software service
Scope of application: Data rescue software (hereinafter referred to as “this software”) is applicable to Memory StickTM memory sticks of 256MB and above capacity sold by Sony (China) Co., Ltd. in mainland China, SD memory card, USB memory and XQD memory card ( Hereinafter referred to as "Sony memory card").
This data rescue software can help you recover important photos, music and videos that were accidentally deleted. Please read the following carefully to download, install and use
how to use
Sony Memory Card users can download this software for free
The following storage devices are not available:
• Non-Sony branded Memory StickTM memory stick, SD card and USB memory
• Memory StickTM memory stick for AIBO® robots
• Memory Stick ROMTM Memory Stick for electronic dictionaries or e-books
• Memory StickTM Memory Stick under the PSP® brand, Memory Stick PRO DuoTM Memory Stick or Memory Stick MicroTM Memory Stick
Note: Data in a damaged or faulty memory card cannot be recovered
The file types recoverable by this software are: JPEG (DCF), MPEG-1, MP4 (MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC), AVCHD (ver.2.0), 3D video file (AVCHD), 3D still image, 3D panorama Scanned images, RAW format photos, MOV format videos, etc.
This software cannot recover the following types of files:
• Game data and music or video files protected by intellectual property
- Regardless of which file system is used on the Sony memory card, this software will analyze and recover data according to the FAT file system.
- Whether data can be recovered depends on the state of the data itself, and we cannot guarantee that all data will be restored successfully.
This data rescue software has the following requirements for the computer environment.
Computer specifications:
operating system
• Windows® 7 (Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate)
• Windows® Vista (Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Ultimate)
• Windows® XP (Home Edition / Professional)
Note: The operating system must be a genuine operating system pre-installed at the factory.
Other system requirements:
• Disk space: 12 MB for software installation, 1 GB for data recovery processing, and enough space to save recovered data
• Display: Minimum resolution of 800 x 600, color quality of 16 bit or higher
installation steps
• After the software download is complete, follow these steps to install:
• Close all other programs.
• Double click on the downloaded file.
• In the Windows XP operating system, if the Open File Warning Prompt window appears, click Run to continue the installation.
• Follow the prompts in the installation interface to complete the installation
1. Log in to the computer with an administrator rights account and install this software.
2. Even if all the above requirements are met, there is no guarantee that all operations will work properly.
3. Some operations may not work properly in compatible machines, user-installed operating systems, multiple operating systems, or multi-monitor environments.
4. This software does not support the Mac OS operating system.
5. Data may not be recoverable due to data state.
6. This software is only verified on Sony memory cards.
7. We cannot guarantee that this software will work properly with other brands of memory cards.