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Centon sd card recovery,recover data from Centon sd card
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CENTON SD CARD Data Recovery CENTON SD CARD Data Recovery Tips Common Fault Analysis and Solution for Memory Cards
[CENTON SD CARD Data Recovery] CENTON SD CARD Data Recovery Tips Common Fault Analysis and Solution for Memory Cards
1. Fault phenomenon: When the CENTON SD CARD is inserted into the computer through the card reader, the computer displays “Do you want to format it”, insert the CENTON SD CARD into the camera, and “CENTON SD CARD error” appears, you can't see the card. photo.
2. Troubleshooting: When the multi-purpose card reader is used to access the computer, the CENTON SD CARD drive letter appears. After double-clicking, the prompt “Do you want to format” appears. Because the multi-purpose card reader is normal, the estimated reason is: CENTON SD CARD has a problem, CENTON SD CARD has a virus, CENTON SD CARD file deconstructed and damaged. Since the data in CENTON SD CARD cannot be read, the format processing is used. After the operation is completed, double-click to open the CENTON SD CARD drive letter, and there is no data on the card. Subsequently, the CENTON SD CARD was completely formatted and restored using the file recovery software (Recover My Files), the restored file was copied to the CENTON SD CARD, and the CENTON SD CARD was inserted into the digital camera to test the operation normally, and the data was restored.
3. Fault analysis: Virus detection was performed on the recovered CENTON SD CARD, and no virus damage was found. Then test on the computer, found that the CENTON SD CARD drive letter appears, double-click the drive letter, and then the "Do you want to format" prompt, view the properties, the card capacity increased to 544GB, and the actual capacity is 2GB, format The operation cannot complete the operation. Re-switching the CENTON SD CARD to the multi-purpose card reader and found that the recovered data is completely correct. ........ Prove that there is a problem with the card reader of the large-capacity display. .......
4, the last tip:
(1) When using a mobile storage device to operate on a computer, the plugging and unplugging device should be carried out according to the program, so don't be bothered.
(2) When using mobile storage devices and card readers, you should use genuine products with company logos, especially to avoid using simple (10 yuan) card readers.
(3) Where the drive letter can appear, the data cannot be opened, the garbled characters appear, and the capacity of the disk is 0 bytes, the file recovery software is first used to restore the data and then repaired.
(4) When the mobile storage device fails to detect the drive letter, whether it is formatted, cannot be formatted, cannot be copied, I/O error, red light has been flashing rapidly, etc., use the UNSD tool for disk repair, if not If you are successful, contact a professional repair or dealer to return the product.
CENTON SD CARD is used in the following portable digital devices:
● Digital camera to store photos and videos
●Digital camcorder to store photos and videos
● Personal digital assistant (PDA) stores various types of data
●Mobile phone to store photos, ring tones, music, short films, etc.
●Multimedia player
CENTON SD CARD is mostly used in MP3 players, digital video cameras, digital cameras, etc. It is also used in laptops. The projected area is the same as the MMC card, but it is slightly thicker, 2.1mm, but the CENTON SD CARD has a much larger capacity and the read/write speed is 4 times faster than the MMC card. At the same time, the interface of CENTON SD CARD is compatible with MMC card, and the interface supporting CENTON SD CARD mostly supports MMC card. At present, CENTON SD CARD is rapidly spreading in digital cameras, and it has become a mainstream trend. CENTON SD CARD has developed rapidly this year and has begun to threaten the market share of CF cards. This is because CENTON SD CARD is much smaller than CF card, and CENTON SD CARD is getting smaller and smaller in capacity, performance and price compared with CF card. In the past two years, CENTON SD CARD-enabled mobile phones are quickly taking the market. Hot, therefore, the rapid growth of CENTON SD CARD is definitely not accidental. The most important point is that the MMC card is also compatible with CENTON SD CARD, which is one of the reasons why CENTON SD CARD is rapidly gaining popularity. Note, however, that CENTON SD CARD and MMS cards are not compatible on certain products such as mobile phones. The current CENTON SD CARD capacity ranges from 8MB to 32GB.
Identification of CENTON SD CARD
CENTON SD CARD is small and compact. Generally, consumers don't know much about it before purchasing. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish the appearance. Let's introduce the common SanDisk CENTON SD CARD identification method on the market: First, look at it. The memory card itself, sandisk genuine memory card is attached with a laser color change label on the front, laser color changes will be produced at different angles. Secondly, the domestic licensed genuine cards are all packaged in plastic packaging similar to the above, but the words “5-year guarantee” and Japanese in the lower right are changed to the 5-year warranty indicated by the graphic.
In addition, it is also possible to make the simplest identification from the bottom of the CENTON SD CARD. Since the number on the back of the original SanDisk brand CENTON SD CARD is unique, and the authenticity can be checked by 800 telephone, it is said that this inquiry system is currently Not yet done.
Different models of MMC/CENTON SD CARD
The 4GB SDHC card CENTON SD CARD is not the only memory card standard approved by the Secure Digital Card Alliance. Other approved formats include miniSD, microSD (called TransFlash before the Alliance failed the standard) and SDHC.
These smaller cards plus an adapter can also be used in full-size MMC/SD/SDIO slots. It is very difficult to know that the SD-size I/O device standard has been developed. It is not realistic to develop a smaller size.
The SD slot supports MMC cards, and the smaller MMC card variants are also compatible with devices that support CENTON SD CARD. Unlike miniSD and microSD, the RS-MMC slot is compatible with full-size MMC cards. Because the RS-MMC card is just a shortened MMC card. For related information, please refer to the Multimedia Card (MMC).
In response to the CENTON SD CARD's standard capacity limit of only 4GB, not enough to cope with rising capacity requirements, the Alliance has developed a new SDHC standard. The SDHC card has the same appearance as the normal CENTON SD CARD, and the lower limit of the capacity is 4GB. It is expected that SDHC cards of up to 32GB will be available during the year.
Memory card common fault analysis and solution
Users with SD expansion phones often encounter some distress, sometimes the card is inserted several times, but the phone still can't read correctly. At this time, you need to think about it carefully to see if there is something wrong with it. The specific analysis is as follows:
(1) CENTON SD CARD chip is not clean
Because some users do not protect the chip very well, it is often dusty or oily, which causes the card to be abnormal.
Judgment method: Observe whether the metal area on the card is dim or spotted.
Treatment method: use cotton cloth with a little alcohol or water to gently rub, wait until the water is dry and then re-insert.
(2) Unstable battery voltage
Since the quality of the card reading is very strict on the power supply, sometimes the battery purchased in the market instead of the original power is also likely to cause the card to be unsatisfactory.
Judgment method: In the case of using non-original power, if the standby condition is not satisfactory, the battery should be suspected.
Treatment method: re-test the original electricity
(3) The card slot is squeezed
For some ultra-thin machines, the card slot design is very clever. If you use some irregular batteries on the market, if the thickness exceeds certain requirements, the card slot will be squeezed, resulting in a bad card reading.
Judgment method: change the original electricity to see
Treatment method: use the original electricity. And use some things to lift the card slot up``
(4) The wire inside the card slot is rusty or over-curved
Since some card readers support hot plugging, frequent card insertion can cause excessive or rusting of the wires that read the card data in the card slot.
Judgment method: Point the card slot against the sunlight and observe if the wire contacts are at the same height. If it is not, it may be the problem.
Treatment: You can try to pick the wire down with a needle.
(5) SD infected with virus
For some smartphones, SD is infected with a virus on the computer, which also causes the card to not be read properly.
Judgment method: SD can be read by computer and scanned.
Solution: Format the card or other low-end storage (such as a camera). If you format it on a computer, you should use the FAT format instead of the FAT32 format.
(6) CENTON SD CARD is not formatted normally
Since the format of the mobile phone and the computer are not the same, it is fine to re-define the file format with the computer according to the instructions. If you have a card reader on the computer, try CENTON SD CARD. Please check if the card format is FAT, because FAT32 E680 is unrecognizable.
(7) CENTON SD CARD is broken
It is easy to judge that the card is inserted into the computer with a card reader, and reading can indicate that the card is good.
(8) There is a problem with the mobile phone reading card.
It belongs to the mobile phone failure, and can only be repaired.