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Master Lock sd card recovery,recover data from Master Lock s
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How to deal with the data after the MASTER LOCK SD CARD is formatted automatically?
I manually deleted all the things inside, and all of them were restored after being placed in the mobile phone. Later, all the things in the MASTER LOCK SD CARD were shredded by 360, and I reset the phone to the factory settings (after the card has the same Installed soft... View all
Connect the computer directly with the card reader, and then directly format it. After formatting, it will clear all the data. If you want to restore the previous useful data, you can use the mutual shield data recovery software to recover the important files you want!
My Master Lock sd card was formatted by me. What I said during the formatting process is "Removing Master Lock sd card" I want to know how to recover now.
MASTER LOCK SD CARD is mistakenly formatted, please stop some read and write operations immediately and then try to use software recovery (as with restoring the wrong format of the hard disk, any read and write operations will completely cover the original data and it will be more difficult to recover) I recommend you to use the software PhotoRecovery PhotoRecovery is a very rare software for restoring image data, which can be used for digital camera data recovery. For example, Master Lock sd card data recovery, Memory Sticks card data recovery, etc., is simple to use, and the result is immediately visible, and can also be used for image data recovery of a USB flash drive. This software can recover almost all memory card media, including Compact Flash (CF) card, Secure Digital (SD) card, Multimedia Card (MMC) card, IBM Micro Drive (IBM small hard drive), SONY Memory Stick (Sony Memory Stick) And storage media such as SmartMedia (SM) cards. The image formats that can be restored are JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, and Canon CRW; the recoverable sound and video formats are AVI, MOV, and WAV. It covers almost the most popular memory cards and storage formats. Here's how to use it: First insert your memory stick, then open your digital device or card reader, start the software, select the drive letter of your memory stick in DRIVES, then click START below (if you run it for the first time) A prompt window will appear to select the path to save the picture. When you select one and then confirm and then START again, the program will start to find the deleted file in the memory stick. The speed depends on the speed of your computer and the size of the memory stick being checked. Wait, in general, it takes only about 5 minutes to completely restore the image file on a 64M MASTER LOCK SD CARD! It should be noted that, like most hard disk data recovery software, once the accidental deletion is found, do not perform any read or write operations on the memory card, otherwise you will not be able to get satisfactory results! Test results: 1: Deleted pictures under WINDOWS can be successfully recovered. 2: Format the memory card under WINDOWS, it can be recovered smoothly. 3: Delete the photo or format the memory card with the camera's own option, it can be recovered smoothly. 4: Format the memory card with DOS command format, it can be recovered smoothly.
The phone is unintentionally formatted, and the call records and information inside are gone. How can I recover?
[MASTER LOCK SD CARD data recovery] MASTER LOCK SD CARD data is lost how to restore the tutorial
With the widespread use of MASTER LOCK SD CARD, U disk is not the only tool for data storage. Digital products such as cameras, mobile phones, camcorders, etc. use MASTER LOCK SD CARD to store data. It can be said that all the bits and pieces in our lives are Recorded in this little MASTER LOCK SD CARD. In the use of MASTER LOCK SD CARD may have encountered such a problem, it may be able to access normally in the last second, the next second can not be read, our first thought is, what about the data inside? Still can't be restored? Can those beautiful photos and important documents be restored? At this point, you should look for effective data recovery methods to get back lost important data, files and precious photos.
MASTER LOCK SD CARD data loss reason
Why is the data of MASTER LOCK SD CARD missing? Is it the wrong way to open? Or MASTER LOCK SD CARD can't be read? In fact, there are many reasons for MASTER LOCK SD CARD data loss, we have to solve the problem to solve the problem, including the following:
Reason one: card reader or computer USB socket problem
When the display cannot read MASTER LOCK SD CARD, you can check if there is any problem with the card reader. The card reader can try a few more MASTER LOCK SD CARD, or you can try it on other computers to determine the MASTER LOCK SD CARD problem. Then find other solutions.
Reason two: MASTER LOCK SD CARD is not clean
A small number of users will pay attention to the MASTER LOCK SD CARD. The metal area of ​​the MASTER LOCK SD CARD will be stained with dust or oil, which may cause poor contact with the card slot and sometimes cannot be read. If this is the case, then just check if the metal area of ​​the MASTER LOCK SD CARD is dim or spotted. If it is, erase it with alcohol or water and blow dry.
Reason three: MASTER LOCK SD CARD poisoning
When using the mobile phone to install software or connect to the computer data transfer, it may cause MASTER LOCK SD CARD poisoning, resulting in unreadable conditions. In this case, you can use the card reader to connect to the computer, use anti-virus software to clean up, if still can not be resolved, will MASTER LOCK SD CARD formatted.
Reason four: the card slot wire is rusted or distorted
We can check if the wire of the card slot is bent or rusted. If it is bent, you can use a needle to pick the wire. If it is rust, just clean it.
Reason five: MASTER LOCK SD CARD formatting
Of course, it is also possible that the human error operation causes data loss or MASTER LOCK SD CARD formatting. At this time, the data on the MASTER LOCK SD CARD can be retrieved by means of the bit data recovery software. The first step is to run the bit data recovery software and select the recovery function.